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Computer technicians to me are geniuses. What would we do without them?! I mean we rely on our computers for so much, sometimes I wonder how we [humans]  ever got through without them. When it comes to computers I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I know how to use the basics… Microsoft Office and Safari. Thats me, your typical consumer, and when I need help I rely on someone I trust to take care of my issues. KC Computer Support has been serving the Kansas City area for years, and they have fantastic technicians that go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and satisfied with all of the work they perform on your tech pieces. KC Computer Support is the Computer Repair Shop in Kansas City that we trust.

“I like working for Tom, its hard to explain, like myself he’s a pretty quit guy, easy going but I know he has a lot of experience. He’s a good person to learn from on top of being a great employer/boss” -Brian

Brian, or “Shy Brian” as they like to call him around the office is a bright young man that just loves computers. He started at KC Computer Support around a year and a half ago as a part-time tech and is not a member of Tom’s full time staff as a computer technician. He assists clients in the office and on-site and throughly enjoys working for Tom.

tvsplashMost of the situations Brian runs into on a day to day basis are pretty legit computer issues. Although more anecdotal situations would add some spice to the on-site visits they perform on a daily basis they do get a small share of crazy situations. They have a recurring customer that has a cord chewing problem inside of the building… how it happens no body knows, but it does… Hey its Missouri right? Like the weather, expect the unexpected.

“I enjoy working at KC Computer Support because the atmosphere is so comfortable and the people I work with are so enjoyable. Tom allows me to do my job and does not interfere with it which is nice, I’ve had my fair share of micromanaging and it does not work. The best thing is if I do need anything Tom is always available, no matter what I need advise on or if I just need someone to talk to he is always there. He’s a hands-on boss, and myself and the rest of the crew are really thankful for that.” The tight knit family dynamic this company has, has really allowed it to flourish and expand to extents Tom could have only dreamed of eight years ago when he started the company.

“The best part of the job is the knowledge gained, and that sense of satisfaction I get from helping someone.” -Brian

Brian has always loved troubleshooting, which is a for of the art of problem solving that he applies to repair failed products or processes. He loves a challenge and learning new ways and techniques of figuring something out. Once he solves or fixes something, he says its kind of a little win for him and that feeling of satisfaction that little geek inside feels as he yells “I showed that computer who’s boss!” is priceless.

Satisfied and happy employees make for satisfied and happy clients. Tom is sure doing something right over at KC Computer Support and his and his team’s success is sure proof of it.

For more information on KC Computer Support, you can reach Brian or Tom at (913) 541-0001 or visit their website www.kccomputersupport.com and let them help you with all of your computer needs.

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