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5284e58ce4b068394a26c773Finding quality European goods, can be tough at times. especially if you don’t live in a big international city like L.os Angeles or New York. When it comes to fine designer clothing we usually think of pieces others can see, designer name brands and red bottom heels, but the options are endless. There are actually more options out there than our simple tan bras and panties, surprise surprise, colors, textures and pieces other than plain tan are actually available. So panties and bras, can be considered lingerie, but when we think of fine european lingerie, what do we think of? Seduction pieces? Is this what we think about every time we hear the word lingerie? Lets answer both of those questions, yes.

Ladies, we have been tricked into believing Lingerie can be used just a seduction piece, something that is not for ourselves, but one woman dared to dream differently. She believed that elegant, delicate pieces of clothing could be used as empowerment tools. As a way for women all across america that are living behind the labels of womanhood and do not know how to find themselves again to step out of the shadows they have created and find themselves again.

“It is evident Kathy has put a lot of thought and time into picking each piece she sells at Fifth House. She has a wide array of items, ranging from bras and undies to sleepwear and lingerie, to silk blouses, sweaters and camisoles. Her pieces are beautiful and sexy, while still very classy.” -Amber Heineman, Fifth House Intimates Customer

Everybody knows that in order to have a good structure you must have a good foundation, but as women sometimes we thing, why bother, no one else will see it, right? Wrong. You will see it, you will see yourself in that frayed lace, and overstretched elastic and you will not like it, therefore tainting the image you have of yourself. We cover up with beautiful pieces, but our foundation is lacking, and your subconscious knows it. Kathy and many other mothers, wives, and professionals believe that if  you start with a beautiful piece and build upon that your whole outlook changes, not only the way you view yourself, but the way you feel and view others.

Kathy hand selects all of the best pieces from around the world to have at the fingertips of all of her customers, and they have not been disappointed. After only a few weeks since her grand opening in November, Kathy has seen rapid growth and women’s lives have been changed, with a simple addition to their wardrobe.

Being a woman should be celebrated, and we should not go out looking for lingerie for our significant others, whether that be a husband, boyfriend, or fiancé, it should be for us! It should be to lift our spirits to make us feel sexy when we look in the mirror. Confidence is key, the key to happiness, when we are confident with ourselves we can achieve true happiness, and who doesn’t want a world full of happy women right?!

For more information on Kathy and this wonderful movement she has started, you can contact her at (877) FIFTH-01 and to see her beautifully hand selected collections, visit her site

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