Anyone that has lived or traveled to NYC, knows that the people in the 5 boroughs have a little more jump in their step.  It generally has to do with the fact that most people are constantly in transit.  Whether it’s commuting to their second job running errands, or just trying to get away from it all, New Yorkers value their time and try to make the best of it whenever mass transit allows for it.  I can attest, I had a short stint in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn during 2007.  I felt like I was constantly on the go.  Moving from the slow paced lifestyle of the suburban Midwest, it was invigorating to finally be able to be surrounded by people who seemed like they had somewhere to be.  I quickly realized that commuting can be cutthroat at times and being alert and on your toes can be the difference between being early and being late.  It became evident quickly to me that to survive the daily commute I was going to need to be caffeinated.  As long as I was armed with my iPod and some coffee, any commute was possible.  Looking back I sometimes think about how drinking coffee on a fully loaded 7Am L train, was in itself an art form.  Only a true master can make it to Manhattan with their new shirt in tact and stain free, all while avoiding spilling their coffee on someone sitting in a seat below them.

Generic-Coffee-CupThings haven’t changed much since 2007, people still have somewhere to be and they still, like me require a cardiovascular system flowing with coffee.  As much as I would like to consider my mastery of drinking coffee on a train at rush hour an art, the real art in coffee is how it is roasted and prepared for consumption.  Brooklyn Roasting Company, whose flagship store is located in the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn, has perfected the art of coffee roasting down to the 1/2 bag.  The Fair Trade and Rainforrest Alliance certified coffee pros have crafted their unique blends and created their familiar brand based on a core of values they consider “coffeelosophy”.  Through a combination of rigorous taste testing and utilizing advanced small scale roasting techniques, the Brooklyn coffee roasting company has carved out a loyal customer base who are not just battle hardened commuters but also people who are Earth conscious and receptive of sustainable products and services.  We spoke with Michael Pollack of the Brooklyn Roasting Company, hoping to find out a bit about how the one of a kind brand utilizes the all natural wholesale cotton bags of State Line Bag Company.

“The tradition of brewing coffee through cotton, goes back to the beginning of time.” -Michael Pollack

Michael told us the the Brooklyn coffee roasting business found the State Line Bag Company through a simple web search.  We assumed that the company was using SLBC’s wholesale cotton bags for the packaging of their roasted beans.  To our surprise Michael informed us that they are actually used for the brewing process.  “The tradition of brewing coffee through cotton, goes back to the beginning of time.”  We found that the fresh grounds of roasted beans are placed in the cotton muslin bags and then hot water is poured through.  The texture of the fabric allows for the “perfect brew” and the method of using cotton bags as a filter is a tradition in many cultures.  In Japanese culture the method is referred to as Nel drip and is a process that involves slowly and methodically pouring hot water over the grounds for a period of 5-7 minutes.  In Micahael’s world of brew perfection, “If you aren’t using cotton to brew coffee, you’re basically using a sock”.  Now those may seem like empty opinionated words to most people but consider that Brooklyn Roasting Company recently received the honor of being one of Fodor’s Travel’s America’s 15 Best Indie Coffee Shops.

To find out more about how your business can utilize wholesale cotton bags, check out the State Line Bag Company’s website.

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