Cotton Muslin Bags: A Pakistani Import That Helps American Businesses

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One of my favorite and most unexpected surprises of interviewing the State Line Bag Company’s diverse client base, has been getting to know all of the quality businesses that depend on the cotton muslin bags wholesaler’s products and services.  Their clients who use their products have included churches, clothing designers, an art gallery, a leather gun holster manufacturer and even a knitting festival.  Despite the variety of differences between the unique businesses the State Line Bag Company provides for, they all have one thing in common.  They are for the most part with an exception or two in Canada, all independently owned and operated U.S. based businesses.  Blogger Local is proud to work with an American based company that almost exclusively chooses to service American owned and operated companies.  Many of the businesses that chose to do work with the cotton muslin bag wholesaler, are small in scale, employing only a handful of employees, while a few of their clients like the Catteneo Brother’s in California, run a larger scale operation.

imageThanks to powerful business tools like the Internet and advancements in global telecommunications, small businesses are now able to reach their customer base in a more direct manner.  Small businesses are also more empowered to handle their own distribution methods as well.  This powerful combination of increased reach and distribution has helped American businesses to cut out unneeded middlemen and ultimately make themselves more profitable.  Businesses like State Line Bag Company, are doing their part to empower their customer base to succeed and ultimately compete with global superpowers like China.  According to 2011 report by the Economic Policy Institute, the U.S. racked up a staggering $37 billion dollar trade deficit with China.  The deficit reflects the disparaging difference between what the U.S. imports from China and what it exports.

A solution to bridging the deficit gap is for American companies is to increase their exports abroad.  State Line Bag Company is currently working with American based companies that are producing goods and services that can compete in a global marketplace.  The cotton muslin bag wholesaler is committed to bringing its’ customers the highest quality selection of products at the most affordable rates.  The company’s keys to successfully achieving the lowest industry prices are directly tied to their sourcing of their products.  SLBC has managed to establish a beneficial relationship with a network of Pakistani artisans who manufacture their traditional cotton muslin bags through time honored traditional methods.  The artisans create a product that is truly handmade from the finest naturally sourced materials.  The handmade aesthetic and feel are one of the SLBC customer’s favorite aspects of the bags themselves.

State Line Bag Company is committed to facilitating the growth of its’ customers and their businesses.  At Blogger Local we are passionate about telling the stories of American businesses.  If you have a story to tell about how your U.S. based business is currently helping to facilitate growth in other U.S. based businesses, get in touch with us so we can share your experience.

To find out more about the State Line Bag Company’s selection or pricing visit their website today.

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