M01S21_DGGHThe State Line Bag Co. sells a simple product that has loads of functionality and tons of versatility.  It has a lot in common with one of it’s clients.  Mack Weldon is sort of the new kid on the block in the world of men’s undergarments.  Mack Weldon is much like the cotton muslin bag wholesaler.  The men’s underwear company is focused on providing their customers with incredibly functional pieces of clothing that are versatile in their ability to be worn by customers of different tastes in varying applications.  The company is focused on straight forward design and “performance based fabrics”.  The Mack Weldon brand relies on positioning their brand to a clientele that responds less to the chesty body builder type men and instead to a more relatable ideal of men’s body type.   Their clothing is perfect for accenting one’s taste, without waiving their style flag.

“We just love the business.”

Your Kansas City Blog spoke with Michael Isaacman of Mack Weldon about how they package up their fine goods when they are sent to market.  Isaacman said the Internet only retailer relied on simple cotton muslin bags to gift wrap their high end men’s underwear.  He shared about how he loved working with the State Line Bag Co. because of their superior customer service and their personal touch in dealing with their clients.  Michael said that Mack Weldon works with a couple of different sizes of bags for their gift wrapping.  Issacman explained that the men’s daily wear company, tried some samples from the State Line Bag Co. before placing their order.  The combination of quality samples and authentic customer service was enough to convince him to try the company out.  Mack Weldon has been a loyal customer ever since.

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