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4556085_300Growing a business can be tough, specially when you do it on your own. But having the right tools and a good support system behind you can improve your chances of success and lessen that stress. In a stage in which knowing the right people is critical it is best if I let you in on a little secret. People love eye catching colors and designs. You might have already known that, but how do you achieve such on a budget? We contacted the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce to see who they’d recommend, and They entrust Signs by Tomorrow in Midtown for all of their sign needs. As one of the oldest custom sign companies in Kansas City, they have been able to stay on top of the competition through exceptional customer service, top technology, attention to detail, superior products and competitive pricing.

Today’s sign business is a quasi-advertising agency, with full-color designs and graphics and designers that together with state-of-the-art graphic equipment can make signs and designs easily accessible and affordable to businesses of all sizes. Each solution they provide is designed with your business’ goals in mind and backed up with their unrivaled customer service, technology and industry experience thus providing you maximum impact and cost-effectiveness.

The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce launched its new brand in November of 2012 and Signs By Tomorrow helped them execute the transition of all of their interior office signing to the new brand. Their office is now a showplace of the work Signs by Tomorrow can do. They have a full color logo signage in their board room and receptionist’ station, design elements and room names on glass doors, and all work was done quickly, properly and with zero disruptions to their business operations.

“Everything was performed to our satisfaction, and we sincerely appreciated the fact that if it was not at first up to Charles’ personal standard of quality, he would take it upon himself to redo it without asking or missing a beat. He has a pride of workmanship that is not always easy to find.” – Melanie Mattes, Marketing Director at Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

Charles and his talented team of designers pride themselves in the high quality level of service they are able to provide their customer and it does not go unnoticed. “Everyone at this business has been extremely helpful and friendly to work with, and we del we have gotten a great value for our money from their products, services, advice and expertise.” Mattes and her colleagues at the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce are greatly satisfied with everything they have experienced from Signs by Tomorrow and they are happy to recommend them to anyone that asks. They truly know Kansas City business and represent more than 2500 companies. The Chamber wants to help businesses success, make connections and for them to Go Big!

So whether its Signs or Connections, whatever it is you need to grow your business in Kansas City I hope we were able to help.

For more information on The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, contact Melanie Mattes at (816) 221-2424 or visit their website If you have any ideas on a new campaign or designs to put in place, contact Charles and his team at (816) 960-4546 or visit their website

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