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Now that Google has helped to put Kansas City at the top of list for fastest residential internet speeds in the country, local businesses should consider updating and overhauling their websites.  Businesses should strive to make their websites media rich and highly interactive.

Kansas City Blogger Local suggests businesses take full advantage of fiber optic Internet speeds.  I’m sure years ago when you started your website out, you thought of a ton of cool stuff to do.  You wanted more motion graphics or animations, larger picture pixel resolution and lots of media rich content on every page.  Then eventually you conceded, as you realized that although everything worked on the back end of your website, the user experience on the front end was dragged down by slow page loading and media buffering.  Who wants to watch a 30 second promo on your website when it takes 15 seconds to load?

Would you rather buy a shirt online from looking at a picture slightly larger than the thumbprint image of the shirt or would you rather watch a minute long video that informs you and shows you the shirt in action?  We also encourage local KC businesses to improve their website’s functionality, so they can to take full advantage of the increased potential for an exceptional user experience.

If a website doesn’t function properly, how can you be sure people are receiving the information they need to make the decision to choose your business or interest?

If I go to a mechanic’s website and it doesn’t work how can I trust him to fix my car?  The question isn’t necessarily logical to ask but it will undoubtedly get asked and possibly deter someone from choosing that mechanic’s business.

Google & Website Design

Google has pioneered the trail when it comes to Internet speed, but you can expect that Internet providers in Kansas City and the rest of the country will soon follow suite.  Internet business strategy is no different than any other industry.

You must have foresight and anticipate the future needs of customers and the marketplace.  Is your business’ website ready to give your viewers the functionality and experience they will be looking to have in the coming months and years?  In encouraging businesses to overhaul their sites we also want to highlight the value from an SEO and SEO friendly web design.  Search engines (Google in particular) are starting to weigh the functionality and quality of the content on websites when indexing them.

This means that sites with dead links, no inbound or outbound links and poor functionality are not favored in search results.  It also means that websites which feature lots of valuable content whether it be text based or media rich, are favored in search results.  Regardless of any SEO value if a website’s functionality is a joke and its content is nap worthy, no one is visiting the site anyway.

Web Design in Kansas City

If you are interested in overhauling or creating your company’s website and are currently searching for web designers in Kansas City, consider working with Kansas City Web Design®.  This KC web development company specializes in creating highly functional, visually aesthetic websites that are robust enough to handle lots of media rich content.

The company focuses among other things on best-practices website coding and development with a focus on SEO friendly design and overall sight functionality.  Kansas City Web Design has developed websites for dozens of businesses in the KC metro area.

They have built sites for doctors, attorneys, dentists, online magazines, international manufacturers, ecommerce websites and trade services, just to name a few.

“Think of a successful online presence in terms of a Nascar race.  You need a cutting edge race car to have a chance at winning.  Yet, without a talented driver, the car won’t go anywhere and can’t even compete.”-Phil Singleton

The web development process starts from the ground up on websites making sure they are designed to be highly visible in for search engines.  Phil Singleton is the brains and founder of these Kansas City web designers and he believes that there are many websites out there that are strikingly well designed in a visual sense but will never be seen because they don’t get found by search engines.

Phil makes this comparison about how having a great looking site doesn’t directly dictate that traffic will follow.  “Most designers care about design and are not willing to make the tradeoffs needed to achieve search engine rank.  Think of a successful online presence in terms of a Nascar race.  You need a cutting edge race car to have a chance at winning.  Yet, without a talented driver, the car won’t go anywhere and can’t even compete.”  To further the analogy you could compare Google’s fiber internet to the pit crew in Nascar.  If a fast car is being driven by a great driver, the difference between winning and losing can come down the seconds it takes the pit crew to keep the car up and running.

Kansas City’s Best Web Design Companies

The best part about the best Kansas City web designers is that they also get the big picture in terms of online marketing and advertising.  Additionally, KC web design specializes in building eCommerce sites, pay per click advertising and social media marketing.  They know that once their SEO strength guides people to a well-designed and useable website they can then help their customers to convert and generate more revenue through engaging campaigns and advertisements.  Kansas City Website Design can provide their customers with invaluable analytic information that can help them understand, predict and digest trends that can affect their client’s company.  The analytic information the firm gathers, can be used to help make crucial decisions and to help plan for the future.

Speaking of planning for the future, in 2014 is your website going to look and function like 2008 or will it be letting your viewers catch a glimpse of where the marketplace is going in 2015?

For more information into how to create or optimize your website for the marketplace of tomorrow, call Kansas City Web Design at (913)-735-9105 or visit: https://kcwebdesigner.com

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