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There’s no place quite like an orchard. For dew-fresh fruit, but also for picnics in blooming time, observing the bees collect nectar for your honey, and lucidly enjoying the art of being alive. Making a stop during the fall to your local orchard, or making a trip of it and traveling to a commercial one is something every American must experience during their lifetime; getting there early in the morning and having a night-chilled crisp apple is a country experience no one should pass up. One thing we as consumers fail to realize is all of the work and capital that goes into an orchard, we fail to look at it as an investment.  Apple growing requires a very substantial capital investment, and sometimes commercial farm loans are a the answer.

Many potentially lucrative orchards have failed simply due to lack of sufficient early-on operating capital. Before purchasing be sure to have the capital to both purchase and operate the orchard, operate being key since this is what most people overlook when purchasing. The amount the grower invests on the orchard between the moment of purchase and the year the crop finally exceeds annual costs, is gruesome.  During non-bearing years, costs per acre can be expected to be around $4,000 to $5,000; which includes pesticide, labor, moving, training and pest control. With the years this cost will only go up since trees get larger, and will require more of everything, including insurance.

One of the safest and more stable options are to get a commercial farm loan, which can be intimidating. There are companies out there like American Ag Finance, that love what they do and will take you through the whole loan process. American Ag has been providing American orchard owners and farmers with financing for over 35 years, and their financing experts have unequaled insight into specific needs customers might have regarding requirements from the Agricultural Loan Process.

They love what they do, and genuinely appreciate the value the agricultural industry brings to our nation. They understand that growing  and farming are hard work, and in times of unyielding weather and struggling economies, the challenges are even greater. Their  goal is to assist American growers in any way they can when it comes to financing, thus making the borrowing process easier and you can focus on your day to day operations.

Whether you want to plant your own orchard or go out and purchase one, the right financing will go a long way, and American Ag Finance has the right tools for the crisp honeydew lover in all of us.

For more information Contact Norman Peterson at (866) 446-1959 or visit their website www.americanagfinance.com

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