One of life’s greatest potential personal expressions of style and taste can be conveyed through the particular look that a person chooses for their hair.  For some, their hairstyle is dictated by utilitarian function while others choose to express their inner feelings and tastes outwardly.  Hair is one of the most obvious first things a person can notice.  It is believed that much can be derived about personality from the style of hair one chooses.  In Lawrence, KS there is one place people go to when they are looking for an expressive and personality defining hairstyle.  Headmasters Salon has been an iconic name in the Lawrence style circles for years.  The full service salon which features a full Aveda product line, color, cut and everything in between, recently made its’ reappearance on Massachusetts Street in it’s new location above Hobbs.  (Occupying the former Flora and Fauna Salon space)  Blogger Local Kansas City spoke with taste maker, stylist and owner of the Headmasters Salon Micki Colgan, to find out about why she has chosen to work with Englewood Florists for all of Headmaster’s floral needs.

“We do hair, and they do flowers.  It just works out.” -Micki Colgan

1451454_10152353004673776_2019279207_nMicki told us that she chose to work with the Lawrence florist because she always prefers to do business locally if possible.  She learned of Englewood Florst and their services because the original location of Headmasters was in close proximity, just down the road.  Headmasters uses the Lawrence florist weekly to keep things looking and smelling fresh around their full service salon.  Micki explained that they also use Englewood to help them show appreciation to their clients when they have birthdays or important life events like child birth.  The full service salon also has the Lawrence florist create unique pieces for all of their events.  We assumed that the creative and discerning mind behind the salon would exercise total control over the creation of the bouquets and arrangements Englewood Florists create.  In actuality, Micki told us that when it comes to designing her arrangements, she lets the pros take over.  “We do hair, and they do flowers.  It just works out.” Blogger Local Kansas City thinks that statement says a great deal about the integrity and industry knowledge Englewood Florists must exhibit.  That is a big amount of trust, for one creative arts based business to have in another.

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