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Kansas City Snow Removal Review With WinPro Solutions

Many of our readers across the Kansas City metro area woke up to a lite dusting of snow yesterday morning.  The snow came as a bit of a surprise since it had originally been expected later in the week.  Although some people might have had to finally break out the ice scrapper on their car, the snow did not necessitate removal from sidewalks, parking lots or streets for most people.  The snow undoubtedly jogged some businesses memory about the need to remove snow from walkways and parking lots.  The removal of snow and is is not only crucial to maintaining customer accessibility but for mitigating the risk of fall or injury to customers and staff.  The less risk there is for customers or employees to injure themselves, the less chance there is that your business may face litigation and potentially damaging financial penalties.  In many municipalities their are laws stipulating that property owners are responsible for clearing the portions of sidewalks that may cross through their property.  Fines can range anywhere from $25 to $100 in Kansas City.

Blogger Local Kansas City was wondering to ourselves what provider people should use when they are in the market for residential and commercial snow removal?  We decided to call Kansas City janitorial supplies distributor Hal Kurz of WinPro Solutions, to see who he recommends for Kansas City snow removal.  Hall has been providing Kansas City services professionals with the tools to do their job for over 25 years.  One of the supplies Hal and his professional team sell a ton of in the winter is ice melt.  Since Hal supplies many of the metro area’s snow removal providers with one of their core supplies,  he has an in depth familiarity with the industry and its’ quality leaders.  The Kansas City janitorial supply pro told us that he highly recommends Austin’s Lawn Care for all your commercial and residential snow removal needs.  Austin’s Lawn Care spends the warmer months of the year providing quality landscape and lawn care service to homes and businesses all over Kansas City.  When things turn cold, the lawn care company hitches up their plows and loads up on ice melt.  Their brand of Kansas City commercial snow removal is intensive and involving.  They make sure to service your business multiple times a day if needed and they are extremely cautious in preserving the integrity of your property.  From having spoken with Hal and the folks at WinPro Solutions it’s obvious they only choose to work with the highest quality service providers in Kansas City.

To get some sage advice on all things service industry or to find out pricing and availability on quality janitorial supplies, gives him a call at (913) 894-2130 or visit the WinPro website today.

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