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Are you searching for LinkedIn marketing experts in Kansas City to help grow your business?

LinkedIn is on FIRE – especially in Kansas City!

But is your competition outperforming you on LinkedIn?

Fight back and stay two steps ahead with one of Kansas City’s finest LinkedIn B2B marketing experts.

Leveraging the skills of a local LinkedIn marketing expert is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create and execute your personal and corporate LinkedIn strategies so you do not get left behind.

LinkedIn is Not Facebook

We understand that finding the right LinkedIn marketing expert in Kansas City can be a challenge.

Vanity stats such as follower counts and shallow engagement via Facebook-style posts can be misleading, especially when you’re looking to hire a marketer or a company to help with your B2B marketing and lead generation goals on LinkedIn.

Yet there are so many people pitching LinkedIn marketing services –  it can be hard to determine which ones are really the best to work with.

Anybody can make a LinkedIn profile and add a bunch of fluffy stats, so how can you tell who is legit?

Not many business owners or executives have the time to sit around researching individual LinkedIn profiles, especially business owners and busy professionals like yourself.

That’s why we compiled this list of the top 10 LinkedIn marketing experts in Kansas City.

While nothing beats your own due diligence, you’ll have some great initial research at your fingertips without having to spend countless hours vetting LinkedIn profiles.


Top 10 Best Kansas City LinkedIn Marketing Experts


Aaron Fulk

editors choice top pickI mean, how could we not?  Aaron Fulk is not only one of Kansas City’s most recognizable faces on LinkedIn, but she has an impressive national following as well.  If you want to achieve a higher ROI on LinkedIn, and with all your social media marketing, then Aaron Fulk and her team have the solutions you need to get results. Her B2B marketing agency quickly rose to become one of the most prominent names in Kansas City. She’s a salesperson through and through, not a creative, which gives her agency an edge over traditional agencies.

Lillian James Creative, Aaron’s flagship agency has the talent and the know-how to help your business achieve its digital marketing goals. When you work with Aaron, she’ll help set up an effective strategy built around your brand’s culture, values, and goals. She made our top 10 list by being one of the best at what she does, her talent can be yours, get in touch with her and start succeeding today.

Aaron Fulk on LinkedIn


Allison Dollar

It’s all in the name!  Allison Dollar her team have been bringing it for their clients for years.   As the founder of the One Dragon, a highly respected digital marketing firm, she has established herself as one of the top digital marketing and LinkedIn marketing experts in Kansas City.

She’s at the top of our list for a reason, so get in touch with her and ask about how she can help your business with your Linkedin Marketing strategy in Kansas City.

Allison Dollar on LinkedIn


Tracy Enos

Are you a business owner with a LinkedIn profile that’s not attracting prospects? Tired of logging in only to find that you have no messages or notifications? Then you need Tracy Enos, one of the most knowledgeable LinkedIn marketing professionals in Kansas City.

She specializes in LinkedIn lead generation, business development, and marketing. Tracy Enos helps Kansas City businesses achieve their goals and take their brands to the top. To build a brand you need influence and authority, Tracy Enos has the best of both and when you work with her, your brand will have them too. Her lead generation and marketing strategies offer advantages that are just too good for any business to pass up.

Tracy Enos on LinkedIn


Monte Clark

Monte Clark has established himself as one of the most productive marketers in the Kansas City area. He’s also an accomplished sales strategist. He specializes in giving brands a voice and a focus that helps them stand out among all the noise.

Establishing uniqueness and getting attention are two of the hardest and most important tasks for any brand. Monte Clark makes it easy to develop a unique brand voice that will capture attention and drive traffic to your business. He offers his services as a LinkedIn training coach and brand developer. Monte can walk you through the process of website design, SEO, SEM, video production, and the generation of effective LinkedIn ads.

Monte Clark on LinkedIn


Issac Anderson

Issac Anderson understands that the high cost of B2B leads can be difficult to justify and offers a solution that benefits business owners and entrepreneurs alike. He built his business around making meaningful relationships on LinkedIn that can be leveraged to make more money in remarkably less time.

Specialty services that Issac Anderson offers include, market research, lead segmenting, conversion sequencing, profile optimization, CRM integration, and custom outreach. He is an experienced LinkedIn instructor and leads, Zeeko, one of the best lead generation businesses in the Kansas City area.

Want to learn how to use LinkedIn for business like a pro? Check out Issac’s 11-hour training course designed to give you the LinkedIn marketing skills you need to succeed.

Issac Anderson on LinkedIn


Abraham Gin

Abraham Gin is one of the most recommended LinkedIn marketing experts in Kansas City. His expertise and dedication to helping businesses succeed made him a prime candidate for our top 10 list. His company, Gin Consulting Group, helps businesses thrive in two ways, internally through business growth strategy, and externally through digital marketing.

He is a formidable digital marketing expert and can teach the best practices in branding, lead generation, and social media marketing via LinkedIn. Local businesses in Kansas City can benefit tremendously by working with Abraham Gin. Not only will you learn the best practices, but you’ll also have a partner that you can count on.

Abraham Gin on LinkedIn


Jason Terry

Jason Terry is one of the most friendly and informed LinkedIn marketing experts in the Kansas City area.

One of his passions is helping local Kansas City businesses succeed. His company, Blue Gurus, is dedicated to helping local businesses and guide them through LinkedIn, website, and blogging, giving businesses the insights to use them effectively.

His technical proficiency is unmatched in Kansas City is unmatched and he is valued by many as an outsourced CIO or CTO. Jason Terry’s technical skills are essential to businesses who need help troubleshooting as well as making the most of digital marketing on LinkedIn.

Jason Terry on LinkedIn


Issac Miranda

Isaac Miranda is an artist when it comes to how-to videos that can teach you how to make the most out of digital marketing on LinkedIn. If you want the best of both creativity and business sense, then Isaac Miranda is your guy, seek him out!

His lead generation agency, TRO, can revolutionize your business and help start reeling customers in like no tomorrow, the man’s a genius. Don’t take our word for it, see get in touch with him and see for yourself. You won’t believe the things he can do for your business! Also, be sure to check out his marketing videos, they have sage advice with actionable info!

Isaac Miranda on LinkedIn


Tammy Cunningham

Tammy Cunningham is one of the most innovative names in marketing that you’ll find in Kansas City. Her expertise is highly sought after, and for good reason, she’s one of the best at what she does. As the CEO of TLC Marketing Consultants, Tammy Cunningham is an undisputed master of digital and social media marketing.

When you work with Tammy Cunningham, she will help you identify opportunities and take advantage of them. She also helps fine-tune sales and marketing operations. Tammy also provides key marketing strategies that will help your brand connect with customers, give her a try you won’t regret it.

Tammy Cunningham on LinkedIn


Chris Batz

For those in the legal industry, Chris Batz is a name you’ll want to know in Kansas City. He specializes in helping legal firms in the Kansas City area grab attention and succeed.

He is the head of The Lion Group LLC, an organization that caters to helping attorneys and other legal professionals gain traction and capture a higher market share. They help place General Counsel, Associate as well as Assistant General Counsel, Senior and Corporate Counsel in both public and private firms.

Chris Batz puts a focus on leadership and has a solid reputation for helping organizations in the legal arena succeed by strengthening their leadership and market position.

Chris Batz on LinkedIn


Now You Are Ready to Hire a Kansas City LinkedIn Marketing Expert

Now that you’ve seen what Kansas City has to offer in terms of talented LinkedIn marketing experts, you can rest easy knowing that whichever one you choose will do a stellar job. When you work with the best, you can’t go wrong no matter which one you pick, that’s why we made this top 10 list.

By using this list, Kansas City business owners and entrepreneurs can access the best talent in the city and harness it for their business. Marketing can have a huge impact on your business, it can be the difference between failure and success or mediocrity.

With the best and most talented LinkedIn marketing experts at your service, you’re bound to succeed. Many companies lag behind their competitors because they don’t utilize incredible resources like the knowledge of a LinkedIn marketing expert.

The best part about working with the top LinkedIn marketing experts in Kansas City is that you don’t have to worry about if they can do the job. The pros on our list won’t just do the job, they’ll exceed your expectations by going above and beyond. That’s part of why they’re the best in the first place. Each and every one of the professionals on our top 10 list has a reputation for excellence, so give them a call and see what they can do for your business.

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