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Are you searching for Kansas City home stagers or reviews for house staging services in Kansas City?

Kansas City home builders and residential home sellers should never underestimate the significance of staging a home because oh how much it can increase the home’s perceived value.

Homes which have undergone special staging sell for 6% more than the homes which have not undergone the process.

But more importantly, staging your home for sale is no longer the exception, it’s the norm.

Home staging must never be confused with just mere decorating.

Staging is both an artistic and scientific process that requires the help of a professional home stager who knows how best to sell the property.

Being strategic about selling a property is crucial in a market where many other competitors abound.

Those who decided to get their properties staged report a faster turnaround rate.

A client’s home needs to be prepared meticulously in order to appeal to the buyer’s eyes.

The goal of professional home stagers is to ensure that all eyes are not just attracted to the property, but stay focused on the property.

They transform a home into something that is warm, welcoming, and inviting, so potential buyers can see themselves living there.

Staging a home is a necessary investment, especially in this era of social media where pictures do the talking.

Staging the home means inviting the attention of a large number of potential buyers.

It will take a little bit of money to spruce up and stage the home, but it is an investment that is well worth it when the house sells fast and fetches for a good price.

In the Kansas City area, there are ten most prominent staging companies. Read on below to find out more about them:


10 Best Kansas City Home Stagers to Help You Sell Your Home ASAP


Blue Nest Staging and Interiors

Owned and run by Amy Anderson and Melissa Downey, both certified home stagers and interior decorators, this company is committed to helping clients sell their property fast. They have over twenty plus years of experience tucked under their belt when it comes to project management, design, and staging. They offer sensible solutions to help their clients achieve their goals with their three types of offerings: basic services, interior design, and staging services.

They provide pre-listing consultations with written recommendations. Their Room Edit offers preparation of the home for listing by removing or re=purposing the owner’s existing items to create more open space. The Room Refresh is all about adding updated items like linens or artwork to revitalize the home. The Full Staging includes a massive overhaul of all aspects. Finally, they offer Photo Styling to help clients take residential real estate photos for their listings.

Blue Nest Staging and Interiors LLC
11625 W 154th St.
Overland Park, KS 66221
Phone: (913) 734-0408


Center Staged KC

This company is committed to help their clients bring focus and purpose to each of the rooms in their homes by customizing their services to meet their specific needs. Every home staging session begins with a personalized consultation to determine the curb appeal of the house and evaluate the various finishes of each room. A feedback, guide, and checklist will begin for each room with proposed recommendations.

From there, the client can decide what services to utilize ranging from simple de-cluttering and reorganizing to fully furnishing an empty home. In houses with complete furniture, simple rearranging of their placement or repurposing of hidden gems work wonders in sprucing up an existing space.  The proprietor is a licensed real estate broker with multiple years of experience, so she has the pulse on market trends and what the buyers want.

Center Staged KC
8901 N St Clair Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64154
Phone: (816) 522-9162


Details Home Staging Solutions

Clients who seek a company with keen attention to details should not look further than Details Home Staging. Last year, they were once again awarded by the International Association of Home Staging Professionals with the Best of Home Staging, Staging Excellence, and Client Care Experience. RESA or the Real Estate Staging Association has awarded them with a mastery honor for demonstrating their professionalism and excellence in home staging.

Run by Kathy West, a certified professional, she uses her many years of experience in the real estate market and her sense of style to help clients stage their homes for sale or redesign it to help suit needs.  They offer the following: staging occupied homes for sale, staging vacant homes for sale, home staging consultations, pain color consults, and redesign services.

Details Home Staging Solutions
7220 Gibbs Rd
Kansas City, KS 66106
Phone: (913) 488-6471


GCH Real Estate & Design

A full-service real estate company, GCH is run by Tammy deLisser, a licensed Realtor both in Missouri and Kansas. She is also a certified home stage and re-design specialist to help her numerous clients stage their home for selling. The company’s unique concierge service platform ensures that the company can give the clients the attention they deserve.

They work with various types of clients who are buying, selling, and/ or remodeling their homes. They take great pains in listening to want the clients’ desire during consultation, so they can customize to help achieve best outcomes based on the discussion. They firmly believe that there is no formula and one size fits all approach when it comes to housing services.

GCH Real Estate and Design Studio
8201 NE 74th Ter
Kansas City, MO 64158
Phone: (816) 516-5177


Kansas City Home Stagers

A multi-awarded company run by Helen Barlett, she has been staging and redesigning homes in the Metro Kansas City are in Kansas and Missouri since 2011. They offer a full range of services to help their clients stage their homes for selling or just for basic homestyling needs. They offer walk thru consultations, owner and vacant homestaging, styling for both new or renovated constructions, and more. They also have the expertise when it comes to luxury home markets. By focusing on their many clients’ demographics and lifestyle, they are able to craft plans to be able to take these home into greater heights.

Kansas City Home Stagers
5543 Aberdeen Road
Kansas City, KS 66103
Phone: (913) 206-5616


KC Resells

KCRE is a group of top real estate agents that are working in the Kansas City Area. They specialize in real estates sales from buying and selling. They also provide staging and designing services for their long roster of clients. They even provide FREE staging with their listings with their certified home stager collaborators. They utilize the best marketing practices and techniques to reach out to potential buyers. Above all else, they offer the best tools to get the most money by sprucing up every home detail. They also aim to provide the best marketing and customer services for their clients to ensure they have a stress-free buying and selling experience.

KC Resells
8140 N Brighton Ave, Suite B
Kansas City, MO 64119
Phone: (816) 437-9025


Star Staging by Sharon

This company is run by Sharon Grisolia, a certified industry professional that aims to showcase all the architectural wonders of her client’s home by creating emotional connection points that will resonate with potential buyers. It will be easy for them imagine themselves living in the home. By de-cluttering, organizing existing furniture, and adding accent, Sharon aims to make her client’s photos standout online to ensure that they can tap more people and get the best offers.

Star Staging by Sharon
119 N. Parker Rd., #171
Olathe, KS  66061
Phone: (913) 717-8277


Stylish Staging

Ever since 2010, this multi-awarded company has been providing a helping hand to various homeowners, developers, realtors, investors, and builders sell their home. They provide services in Kansas, City, Lawrence, Topeka, and areas in between. By helping to style a client’s home and getting it ready to sell, they are able to give a competitive edge to sell it much faster. They are proud to offer quality staging, the best customer service, keen attention to details, fast turnaround rate, and insured movers. They are very eager to help their clients add more money to their pockets by ensuring the homes they touch are amped up to impress and sell as quickly as possible.

Stylish Staging
1321 N 1100 RD
Lawrence, KS 66046
Phone: (785) 856-1200


Rebecca Dickinson Designs and Staging

With the aim of elevating their clients’ spaces to top-notch levels at any budget, the team of Rebecca is hard at work to ensure all the needs are met in a timely manner. She calls her fondly calls her many projects “rebecorating”. With a degree in fashion design and marketing, Rebecca indeed has the eye for style and a passion for all things beautiful. This company offers staging and redecorating services to help transform otherwise functional and boring spaces into something stylish and sophisticated. The primary goal is to always aim for quality service that comes with incredible value.

Rebecca Dickinson Designs and Staging
Overland Park, KS
Phone: (816) 309-4985


Staging in Style KC

Established in 2005, this company’s reputation for a fast turnaround definitely precedes itself. They have been famed for selling houses after only being on the market for a few days. Staging in Style is able to stage occupied and new houses, starting with an initial consultation and a thorough assessment. The primary goal of this company is to make a client’s house look more appealing to a broader audience base. This in turn guarantees that the house will be sold at a much higher rate.

Staging in Style
Kansas City, MO 64114
Phone: (816)361-6040


Now You Are Ready to Hire a Home Stager in Kansas City

With a competitive market filled with beautiful homes that compete for any buyer’s elusive attention, it is critical that homeowner’s spruce up their houses. This requires skill and precision that only a professional can provide. In order to stand out, homeowners have to make sure that their homes possess a warm ambiance that evoke emotion and connection. By employing the right professional staging company, sellers can rest assured that everything will be done to make their homes ready to sell and attract the attention of potential buyers.

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