Top 10 Kansas City Walk-In Bathtub Companies for Accessible Bathrooms

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Searching for walk-in bathtubs in Kansas City or reviews for companies that can help you create an accessible bathroom?

Everyday, hundreds of homeowners in Kansas City search for local “walk-in bathtubs near me”.

Walk-in bathtubs are more than just convenience. They can provide a great deal of comfort and safety, but also come with fantastic features. Jet streams, massage features, lights, and heating.

They are not just for your elderly parents. They are for everyone. Plus, they can really upgrade and enhance your bathroom. However, safety is often the reason people get walk-in bathtubs installed.

A walk-in bathroom can often be the deciding factor of whether your older loved one can remain independent and in their own home, or at least bath by themselves.

With over 80% of falls happening in the bathroom, a walk-in bath will make a great safety measure for your loved one or yourself. It simply allows the person to walk in o the tub via a door and sit in an upright seat.

This saves them from having to try and get their leg over and safely sit down on the flat surface of the tub. Even with safety features like slip-prevention mats, it can still be difficult for people.

Anyone with mobility problems, weight issues, or any other type of concern that would put them at risk of falling or injuring themselves will benefit from a walk-in bathtub.

With so many to choose from and the wide variety of features available, you can have any type of tub you want. Be wary of tubs that are too inexpensive, because safety needs to be number one.

The doors need to be sealed to prevent flooding or accidents. Be sure to check that the tubs you are looking for have proper certification. This will help prevent any serious harm and ensure you are not wasting your time and money.

Here is a list of our favorite walk-in bathtub companies, just to get you started.

There may be other companies in your area but always do your homework before shopping at some that seem too good to be true.


Top 10 Walk-In Bathtub Companies In Kansas City


Missouri Specialty Spa

Missouri Specialty Spa is one of the leading walk-in tub companies serving customers in Missouri and the surrounding areas. Their motto is, ‘Walk-in tubs are our specialty’.

Every one of their tubs is constructed of the highest quality materials, and their installation team handles the entire process. That means they oversee from beginning to end and they let you know what is happening each step of the way.

With over 30 years of experience, their passion comes from seeing what can go wrong. They offer a wide range of walk-in tubs, spas and can also offer custom-made tubs.

Missouri Specialty Spa
2618 Charlotte
Kansas City, MO 64108
Phone: (816) 866-0654


Bath Innovations Walk-in Bathtubs

At Bath Innovations Walk-in Bathtubs, customer service is first. They take pride in all their quality tubs and offer unique features like a solid, sealed door, with a double locking system.

Chrome faucets, and showerheads. Their tubs have a high-quality heater, and therapeutic water and air jets, which provide many hydrotherapy benefits, are also available.

All this with a very low step-in feature brings safety to the forefront. Their installation team stands behind every tub they install, with a limited lifetime warranty and enjoy a free, no-pressure consultation, at your convenience.

Bath Innovations Walk-in Bathtubs
9727 Antioch Rd Suite 12305
Overland Park, KS 66282
Phone: (913) 912-1750


Independent Home Products, LLC

Since 2007, Independent Home Products, LLC has served Topeka, KS, and surrounding area for walk-in tubs that can’t be matched. Whether you are in need of a hydrotherapy tub for pain management or improved circulation, they have the tub you need.

If you require a walk-in shower to tub due to difficulty with mobility, they provide walk-in showers and tubs that are built to last. They helped to improve the quality of thousands of lives, and they would love to help you, too.

Their walk-in bathtubs and walk-in showers have become the industry standard for functionality, beauty, and ease of use. Get a free quote.

Independent Home Products, LLC
6122 S Minter Rd,
Grain Valley, MO  64029

Phone: (816) 287-8206


Safe Bathing Solutions

At Safe Bathing Solutions, their mission is to provide you a way to stay in your home longer by providing a safe bathing solution for your home. They offer you a no-obligation price quote over the phone.

Veteran owned, they offer a wide range of walk-in tubs and features. They will also give you the best price available on any of their tubs. They understand people want to stay in their own home as long as possible and they make that possible, for you.

Get a free quote and choose from their many different tubs and products available.

Safe Bathing Solution
Phone (913) 492-4999


Elevate Tub

The Elevate Bathtub is the latest and greatest in bathtubs for seniors and other people with mobility challenges. They carry all of the finest luxuries and the accessibility that anyone could need.

Elevate Bathtubs are designed at chair level so there is no strain to get in or out. Their tubs also provide an emergency SOS button in the control panel and the door will open even in a power outage situation.

The best part is that it drains in a matter of seconds so there is no risk of falling or further injury when draining the tub.

Elevate Tub

Phone: (913) 535-6330


Bath Pro KC

Bath Pro KC is a locally owned company that is focused only on bathroom remodeling in the Kansas City area. Because that’s all they do. They have built their business on honesty, integrity, and exceeding the expectation of our customers before and after the sale.

They use quality products along with the highest quality of workmanship at the lowest price possible. They promise is to provide you with an unequaled experience that adds value to your home and your personal bath enjoyment.

Showers, bathtubs, walk-in tubs, and handicapped showers. Air-jets, textured floors, and safety grab bars.

Bath Pro KC
Phone: (913) 289-5600


Rolox Home Service, LLC

Rolox Home Service, LLC takes the hassle out of bathroom remodeling. They will provide a clean, new, highly-functional bathroom without hassle or stress.

They have a proven track record of satisfied customers, competitive pricing, and beautiful bathrooms. A wide range of tubs and features, all with their own standard safety features.

You can also choose from a wide range of hydrotherapy features, like dual massage therapy, deep soak hydrotherapy, or air massage therapy. They can customize your walk-in tub to suit your own situation.

The HD Series models are the most commons sizes, and the HD Speciality Series models include larger sizes and an outward swinging door.

Rolox Home Service, LLC
8610 E 34th St N, Unit 3
Wichita, KS 67226
Phone: 1-800-950-3060


Walk-In Tubs Missouri

Independent Home in Northern Missouri has ADA-compliant walk-in bathtubs that can be customized to meet your specific modifications. Expect easy open and close doors and thoughtfully placed handrails.

Their handicap accessible walk-in tubs may be installed in as little time as one day. They offer a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from and all come with safety features.

They use quality materials and accessories that are made in America. With a lifetime warranty, they are confident that you’ll be satisfied with their services. They strive to offer the equipment that helps you enjoy a safe, independent life at home with style.

Walk-In Tubs Missouri
6122 South Minter Road
Grain Valley, MO 64029
Phone: (888) 664-6920


Cain’s Mobility

Cain’s Mobility Kansas is proud to be adding choice and freedom to the lives of thousands of gold-aged citizens across America daily. They specialize in installing walk-in stairlifts and tubs in the homes of people with limited mobility.

Cain’s Mobility is a collection of installers of mobility devices based all over the state of Kansas. They have decades of experience with the setup of these types of equipment

They will make the best recommendation for your home, and permit you to get the best tub possible to make life easier.

All their installers are licensed and insured and have received extensive levels of training in the installation of these devices.

Cain’s Mobility
1146 W Cambridge Cir Dr,
Kansas City, 64011
Phone: (234) 203-0202


Bathing Safety

Bathing Safety is proudly veteran owned and operated. We understand veterans and others who have been injured, elderly, and disabled. We make walk-in tubs for you.

They also offer same-day installations for about half the price and fraction of the time of other companies. Simply submit the competitors’ written quote and they will beat their price with equal or better tubs. They don’t need to come to your house to discuss the price.

They offer excellent features like low step-in, soothing jets, all with a wide variety of types of tubs. Backed up with a lifetime warranty.

Bathing Safety
Kansas City, MO
Phone: (866) 238-2521


Now You Are Ready To Buy Walk-in Bathtubs in Kansas City

The main reason that you will be investing in a walk-in tub is the safety of the people who need to use it. It will also make their lives much easier. You can see by our list there are plenty of reputable companies in the Kansas City area.

There are also a lot of options, colors to choose from, and plenty of safety features. Get a standard tub or venture a bit and get something custom-made with extra features for comfort and safety.

You can find the ideal walk-in tub to suit your individual needs and still remain within your budget. Some of these companies offer to finance, as well, if that is a way you choose to go.

Walk-in bathtubs offer peace of mind and can extend the time someone is able to live independently by years. Ideal for people with disabilities, injured veterans, and your elderly loved ones who can no longer access a regular tub.

Make sure you make a list of questions you have and be ready to ask them before you invest in a walk-in tub. Ask about their qualifications and warranties, for your own security.

A walk-in tub s more than a convenience, it can be a lifesaver.

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