Are you searching for Kansas City cash junk car buyers?

Every week, hundreds of people around Kansas City search for “junk car buyers” near me.

Are you the owner of a junk car? Perhaps you still have an old car that kind of runs, but not very well. Maybe you have a newer vehicle that was involved in an accident and has been deemed by your insurance company as totaled.

A totaled vehicle is one that is beyond repair. Perhaps the frame was bent during an accident, or it is considered either too expensive or not able to be repaired.

Maybe you have an old car or truck, or a few older vehicles that are no longer running or will start but are unsafe to drive. Even if you are looking to get a newer one, you don’t want to try to use those as a trade-in.

The car dealerships will likely take it if it is in running order, but you will not get a great price for it and they will just call a junk car buyer to come and get it. Well, why wouldn’t you just do that?

Even if the car is unable to start, most junk car buyers will take it. That’s what they do. They take the cars apart and salvage any working parts that may be useful to someone else.

This could be almost anything on a car that is removable. Glass, seats, motor, parts, and they also remove the steel. All of these parts can be reused or repurposed.

You come away with a cleaner yard or driveway and a nice bit of extra cash. This is the best option for you, for the junk car buyer, and the environment. No one will be able to use your old car as they do.

Here is a list of the best around Kansas City.


Top 10 Best Kansas City Cash Junk Car Buyers


Whether you have one old junk car or a whole yard full, why not get some quick cash for them and send them on their way to helping others.


1. Speedy Cash 4 Cars

best kansas city companySpeedy Cash 4 Cars will take all kinds of vehicles off your hands. Junk cars, fixer-uppers, or perhaps if you’re just looking to sell your car quickly, they will buy them all.

They are called Speedy for a good reason. They will give you a quote and come and get your car off your hands within an hour. There is no point in you hanging on to that old wreck.

Located in the heart of Kansas City, they can be there in an hour to pick up your junk car and you will have the cash. Call or text them for a quote.

Speedy Cash 4 Cars
Phone: (816) 419-8233


2. Junk Car King

Junk Car King will pay top dollar for old and unwanted vehicles. New or Old, one or one hundred. Let them remove the clutter from your yard or driveway and turn it into cash.

They will take any type of car in any shape. Wrecked vehicles, cars without titles, it doesn’t matter if it is running or not, they will get it running or tow it away at no cost.

They recycle all working car parts and any usable metal. Call them today for a quote or to get those cars off your lawn and cash in your pocket.

Junk Car King
Phone: (913) 428-8544


3. Junk Car Boys

They buy cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. There is no haggling, listing fees, or time wasters. Just a very simple way to sell your car without any of the hassle or inconvenience.

They buy any car, any year, any make, and any model. If you’ve ever been scared to use a cash-for-car company, with them there is no risk. They are a licensed, bonded, and insured company, and do everything absolutely by the book.

Make a call, get a quote for your vehicle, and they will get you scheduled with a pickup time, and send a tow driver out to you to pay you on the spot and tow your vehicle away.

Junk Car Boys
Phone: (816) 929-6105


4. Fast Cash 4 Cars

Their superior customer service team treats all of our customers with the highest level of respect, getting you the cash you want fast. They will consider all makes and models, running or wrecked.

Get a quote and get paid, all within about an hour, maybe even faster. Fast and professional, they recycle all the reusable parts and you get paid for handing over your junk.

Get a fair price on one or several of your junk cars and get them out of your yard or blocking up your driveway. Call for a quote for any type of car, running or not.

Fast Cash 4 Cars
Kansas City Drop Site
6101 Kansas Ave
Kansas City, KS 66111
Phone: (913) 438-5401


5. Cash For Cars

They will buy old, used unwanted non-functional, junk, or wrecker vehicles of any brand from different locations in the USA. They majorly serve in Kansas City and Missouri and nearby areas.

Connect with CashforCars – Junk Car to get the best price for your junk vehicle. Their process is simple, all you have to do is connect with our professionals and provide the necessary details.

Once all that is done, they will reach out to the desired destination and pick up your vehicle, and provide cash for cars. The simple process ensures the quickest results and is easy for the seller as well.

Cash For Cars
Phone: (913) 594-0992


6. Cash for Cars

Cash for Cars will pay you top dollar for your vehicle. If you have a car, SUV, truck, van, or motorcycle and would like to sell it quickly and hassle-free, give them a call.

They will pay you cash and remove your vehicle free of charge. Most often same day service. They have many repeat customers in the Kansas City and surrounding areas.

They have earned a reputation as a leader in our industry and that’s something their staff takes pride in. Have your keys and title ready and turn your used, unwanted vehicles into fast cash.

Cash For Cars
Olathe, KS 66051
Phone: (913) 271-9406


7. Cash For Junk Cars

With more than ten years of experience, Cash for Junk Cars takes pride in cleaning up your yard or garage space by eliminating your junk vehicles. They offer the best payouts for unwanted vehicles of any shape and size.

Without battery or without an engine, dead or alive, they buy them all. The process of towing and removal of vehicles is always quick and pre-arranged to fit your schedule. On top of that, they offer same day pick services and cash is delivered to you at your premises.

Call or visit the website for a free quote today.

Cash For Junk Cars
2150 Haskell Ave
Lawrence, KS 66046
Phone: (785) 260-6400


8. Kansas City We Buy Cars

They accept cars in most conditions and you don’t need to waste any time cleaning up the interior like you would to sell it to someone else online. There are no negotiations, haggling, or other problems.

They pay cash for cars and their staff of experts have seen and handled it all. They know the best value to give you for wrecked cars, crashed trucks, clunkers, and anything else you’ve got in your garage. So, they can keep it simple.

Contact them today to see how they operate, get your quote, and schedule a time for your pickup in Kansas City or throughout Missouri.

Kansas City We Buy Cars
Phone: (816) 430-2439


9. Ace Auto

Specialize in buying unwanted vehicles for cash. Within 30 minutes of Chiefs and Royals Stadium Kansas City Missouri. They buy vehicles without titles that are 10 years or older.

We try to make the process as easy and painless as possible. We pay cash and remove the vehicle for free. You cannot have a lien on the vehicles it will be checked. You must have a key to the vehicle.

Just text them with the year and make of the vehicle, a picture of the car or truck, and they will send you the quote for the price right away.

Ace Auto
7300 E Us 40 Hwy
Kansas City, Missouri 64129
Phone: (816) 443-3300


10. My Cars Junk

They have same day service available for your convenience. From $50.00 to $50,000, they buy all models of cars and trucks. Did you inherit a vehicle you’d like to sell? Do you have questions about selling your vehicle?

They are always glad to help. Their company buys late model cars, trucks and vans, damaged cars, and also vehicles that no longer run. They specialize in cash for cars, so give us a call.

Sell them any vehicle large or small. They buy cars as well as fleet and company vehicles. So, if you want to sell a junk car, they should be your top choice.

My Cars Junk
6101, Kansas Ave, Suite 20
Kansas City, KS 66111
Phone: (844) 227-7586

Now You Are Ready to Sell Your Junk Car For Cash


Well, that is quite the list. Hopefully, you will find someone on here who can help you get rid of your old junk car and help you get the cash you deserve for it. Some of them may pay top dollar, too, so check around.

Be sure to check with them regarding their policies, as some will be more lenient than others. Many will tow the car for no extra charge and have other benefits to using their company.

Getting rid of your old junk cars will help you clear out your yard or driveway and it will likely make your neighbors happy, as well. They are likely tired of looking at the heap, just like you are.

Getting rid of your junk car in this manner is a win-win for everyone. You are happy to get rid of the car and the junk car buyer will be happy to have it. They put all of the usable parts to good use.

People often buy used and refurbished parts from junk car dealers, as it saves money but also puts these parts back into circulation. Just because the car doesn’t run, doesn’t mean it is entirely useless.

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