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Are you searching for Kansas City basement waterproofing contractors or reviews for basement waterproofing companies in Kansas City?

Every week, hundreds of Kansas City homeowners and business owner search for “basement water proofing near me”.

If your intention is to hire a waterproofing company in Kansas City, you’ve come to the right place.

When it comes to waterproofing your basement it is definitely a must—and something you want to consider having done well before you run into problems. Waterproofing protects your foundation from water damage and will prevent flooding.

If you choose not to waterproof your home, there is someone you can call for those emergency situations. Of course, they are the same people you want to call before you face an emergency situation. Especially one that could have been prevented. As the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

So, aside from flooding and water damage which may seem extreme or unlikely to you, why else would you want to waterproof your basement? As a homeowner, you want to protect your investment, and the people who are living in it. Waterproofing your basement not only protects it from the damage water can cause— like cracks in the concrete and wall bending. It can also protect you and your family from the harmful effects caused by the mold and mildew that can develop over time as moisture seeps in. Preventing these toxins from developing can greatly reduce allergies and asthma-related illnesses.

Another drawback to cracks in your foundation is that outdoor critters can get in and take up residence in your crawl spaces and other tight areas.

If all of these reasons don’t have you convinced, did you know that you can also save money on your energy bill? It costs more money to heat and/or cool a humid house. Waterproofing will reduce the humidity in your home and therefore your energy consumption.

If you are ready to waterproof your basement or you need a foundation repair consultation, this list of the top 10 best Kansas City basement waterproofing companies to get you dried out.


Top 10 Best Basement Waterproofing Companies in Kansas City


Olson Foundation Repair

best kansas city companyOlson Foundation Repair has been providing foundation repair and basement waterproofing solutions since 1986.   When you are searching for “waterproofing companies near me” in the Kansas City area, it’s really important to find a home basement waterproofing contractor that has been in business a long time.  Why is this the case?  It’s because you need to have some kind of warranty with your Kansas City basement repair work.  In other words, for companies that have only been around a short time, you have no idea whether or not their waterproofing or foundation repair has stood the test of time.  With Olson Foundation Repair, you know they have been around in good economies and in bad, and no matter what the current economic conditions are, there is an excellent chance that they will be in business to provide warranty service if and when you need it!

Olson Foundation Repair’s service includes:

  • Foundation repair
  • Foundation piering
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Basement repair
  • Wall crack repair
  • Wall bracing
  • Drainage solutions

Olson Foundation Repair
10612 #A, Blue Ridge Blvd
Kansas City, MO 64134
Phone: (913) 592-3300


KC Pier

KC Pier is a locally owned and operated business serving the foundation needs of the Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas. They offer a variety of services including concrete and wall crack repair, foundation and setting repairs, bowed and leaning wall repairs, wet basement drainage and repairs, and full reconstructive services. They also offer their services to realtors and offer lunch and learn sessions to help realtors understand and explain foundation issues to their clients. They offer a lifetime warranty that is transferable with the sale of your home.

KC Pier
7861 Mastin Dr
Overland Park, KS 66204
Phone: (913) 777-4379


DLN Solutions

If you’re looking for a Foundation Repair or Waterproofing / Drainage service in Kansas City or surrounding areas, look no further!  DLN Solutions is here to shake the industry up.  They’re utilizing newly engineered and patent pending processes to make all of your Foundation Repair and Waterproofing / Drainage needs more cost effective than ever before.  With over 30 years of experience in the Foundation Repair and Waterproofing / Drainage field, you can trust that they’ll have a solution to every problem you have!

  • Foundation Repair
  • Waterproofing
  • Foundation Crack Repair
  • Foundation Wall Stabilization
  • Sump Pump Installation
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Foundation Regrading

DLN Solutions
6611 N Montgall Cir
Kansas City, MO 64119
Phone: (816) 820-8549


Can-Do Construction

Can-Do Construction is a family owned business with over 80 years of experience repairing foundations and waterproofing homes in the Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas. They are also willing to travel to rural areas. They can handle tile systems and French drains, sump pumps, pits, chimneys, topsoil delivery, water drainage and more. You can give them a call 24/7 and they offer referral, military and seniors discounts.

Can-Do Construction
14181 Mount Tabor Road
Odessa, MO 64076
Phone: (816) 674-3114


JLB Foundation Repair & Waterproofing

JLB Foundation Repair & Waterproofing has been serving the Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas since 2016. Owner Josh Bultmann has over 18 years of experience in the industry. They provide services including foundation repair and replacement, waterproofing, drainage and grade work, new concrete, and mud jacking. They will work on your basements, driveways, patios or sidewalks. You can call or contact them through their online contact form.

JLB Foundation Repair & Waterproofing
3303 NE 56th St
Kansas City, MO 64119
Phone: (816) 656-6835


JH Restoration LLC

JH Restoration LLC is owned by Jeff Hughes and they have been fixing foundations in Kansas City and surrounding areas for the last 30 years. They provide services including foundation and basement crack repair, power washing, exterior caulking, crack injection, and tuckpointing and brick repair. They accept emergency calls 24/7, otherwise, you can send them a message through their online submission form or give them a call during business hours to ask about their special promotions.

JH Restoration LLC
7501 Northwest 80th Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64152
Phone: (816)-253-8914


Atlantis Drainage Solutions (ADS)

Atlantis Drainage Solutions (ADS) is a foundation and drainage company serving the Kansas City and surrounding areas by diagnosing the cause of the problem and fixing it. They offer a multitude of moisture solutions for your home including—downspout water diversion, french drains, dual drainage systems, grading, swales, dry creeks, drain tile systems, crack repair, foundation repair, wall push back and miradrain, sump pump installation, window well installation, berm design and installation, and retaining walls. You can contact them for a free quote by telephone or through their online submission form.

Atlantis Drainage Solutions (ADS)
15640 E. 40 Highway
Kansas City, MO 64136
Phone: (816) 960-1552


Foundation Guy Inc.

Foundation Guy Inc. is a small company owned by Jeff Huffine serving the Kansas City and surrounding areas. As a small company they only work on one project at a time and Jeff is involved in every job. Their services include foundation repair, basement waterproofing, wall bracing, grading, drainage, re-leveling, piering, egress window wells, dead man anchors, and more. They offer a 3% discount to all past and present military personnel and all first responders (police, fire, ambulance, EMT etc.). You can give them a call or fill out their online contact form to set up a free estimate.

Foundation Guy Inc.
1712 SW New Orleans Ave
Lees Summit, MO 64081
Phone: (816) 536-8950


Smart Foundation Systems

This basement waterproofing company in Kansas City was founded when the founder, a Building Contractor and Real Estate Investor, searched for an honest foundation company that fixed issues permanently and was honest in its approach, rather than over-selling products you don’t need – and he couldn’t find one! After consulting the best Engineers and Product specialists and after repairing over $8 million in homes in the last few years alone, Smart Foundation Systems has created what they believe to be the best Kansas City waterproofing and foundation repair methods back with Lifetime Warranties in the metro area with an honest approach that lets you be in the drivers seat of your options.

Smart Foundation Systems
5614 Raytown Road
Raytown MO 64133
Phone: (816) 666-8415


Marsee Glenn & Son Foundation Repairs

Marsee Glenn & Son Foundation Repairs has been in business since 1910 serving the foundation needs of Kansas City and surrounding areas. Their services include block and concrete basement walls, replaced-braced, epoxy injections, waterproofing, tile systems, and sump pumps. Homeowners can call them or fill out their online contact form to set up a free estimate.

Marsee Glenn & Son Foundation Repairs
4460 Cambridge St
Kansas City, KS 66103
Phone: (913) 236-4197


Commercial Piering Systems (CPS)

CPS is locally owned and operated by Mike Dement. They have been in business serving the home and business owners of the Kansas City and surrounding areas since 2008. Their services offered include basement waterproofing, mudjacking, concrete repair, home foundation repair, egress window installations, and pier support systems. Their egress window services include bringing your outdated basement windows up to current codes, ensuring not only that you meet your legal obligations but you are keeping your family safe. You can give them a call or fill out their online contact form to set up a free estimate.

CPS Foundation Repair
9928 Taylor Dr.
Overland Park, KS 66212
Phone: (913) 439-7618


KC Waterproofing

KC Waterproofing is owned and operated by Don Derry, Jr. and has been in the foundation repair business in the Kansas City and surrounding areas since 1985. They provide a number of services including basement waterproofing, foundation and crawl space repair, sump pump installation, mold, dust mites, and odor solutions, commercial structural support, and water damage restoration. They have a live specialist ready to help you online 24/7, you can also call or submit their online contact form to get a free quote.

KC Waterproofing
1520 Clay Street Suite D3
North Kansas City, MO 64116
Phone: (816) 226-4547


Dry Basement® Foundation Repair

Dry Basement® Foundation Repair has been in business since 1975 solving foundation problems in the Kansas City and surrounding areas with patented technology. Aside from Kansas City they have offices in Wichita, KS, Columbia, MO, and Des Moines, IA. Their services offered include basement waterproofing and remodeling services, foundation and crawl space repair, sump pumps, yard and drainage solutions, and radon reduction solutions. For more information you can call them or submit a request through their online form.

Dry Basement® Foundation Repair
5121 E. Front Street
Kansas City, MO 64120
Phone: (816) 741-8500


So Are You Ready to Hire a Kansas City Basement Waterproofing Contractor?


Basement waterproofing is an essential consideration as a homeowner. It may seem like a big investment, but It will pay off in the long run—and you will thank yourself with the money you save by not running into even more costly problems caused by water damage down the line.

As with any big job, you want to leave it to people that you can trust. As such, doing a little bit of research into the companies in your area is a good idea. You can check out this list of top 10 best Kansas City basement waterproofing companies and their websites to get you started, but it’s always a good idea to do some independent research. Consulting Google’s customer reviews, the Better Business Bureau, and Angie’s list is a good place to start. You can also ask the companies to give you references for their work, and check them.

As with any big job in your home, you want to make sure that the company you choose provides an adequate warranty. Taking that into consideration before making your final decision will help you find the best waterproofing company.


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