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Carla Frankoviglia-Mock can do it all. Pole performance. Yoga. Burlesque, chair, and belly dancing.

With this kind of background knowledge, it comes as little surprise that Carla is considered an extreme specialist in her field: pole and dancing fitness. From her hugely successful pole fitness gym, The Stiletto Gym, to her unique program of private instruction, Carla is a unique expert in all things women’s fitness and empowerment.

In fact, Carla’s considerable women’s fitness expertise has led to her development of a special traveling training program. Venturing to gyms and fitness centers around the country, Carla conducts workshops that help other instructors learn about ways to incorporate pole and dance fitness into their own training.

Carla’s immense knowledge of fitness and understanding of the power of performance also led her to develop a now trademarked blend of pole dancing and yoga, simply dubbed “polga.” Participants report both an immense boost in flexibility, fitness, and, best of all, confidence.

A Message of Empowerment

Still, Carla’s potent message of empowerment, confidence, fun fitness is not limited to her instruction at The Stiletto Gym. Through a customizable private workshop program, Carla can meet with clients in their homes, hotels, or party venues for specialized instruction or group activities.

Whether you or your group is looking to branch out with pole dancing, polga, or an intense chair based routine, like the ever-intense “Chair-Letto,” Carla and her expert staff are ready to help.

With a firm belief in the power of feeling sexy and having fun, Carla looks forward to helping all women feel empowered.

About The Stiletto Gym

Founded by pole and dance fitness innovator Carla Frankoviglia-Mock, The Stiletto Gym is the leader in quality instruction in the greater Kansas City, Mo area. The gym’s studio is home to an exciting variety of pole, polga, and other various classes. With a clean and inviting atmosphere, The Stiletto gym is the perfect place to step out of your comfort zone and into empowerment.

With a uniquely feminine perspective on fitness, The Stiletto Gym offers the very best in effective workout routines and schedules. Carla and her expert staff of specially trained professionals are eager to improve both the mental and physical well-being of every woman.


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