Ever wonder what it’s like to be a dog who gets the privilege to go to a high end full service kennel-free doggy daycare?  At Blogger Local Kansas City we love dogs of all shapes, kinds and sizes.  We got to daydreaming and wondered what would it be like?  So we headed on over to the Overland Park dog boarding dreamland known as Puppy’s Playpen, to find out just what it’s like to be a dog on a day to day basis at this amazing facility.PupplyPlayland_#4

Puppy’s Playpen was started 9 years ago by Andrea Galeski and has become the premier place for dog owners to bring their beloved pooches.  The dog care facility is open 7 days a week.  For some dogs visiting the “Doggie Disneyland”, they are just there for a few hours while there owners wax the floors or have a social gathering, for other dogs, Puppy’s Playpen is an almost if not daily routine that is eagerly anticipated.

The day begins when the owner grabs their dog’s leash and say’s it’s time to go to Puppy’s Playpen.  From speaking with long time employee Stephanie Davis, we found out that owners describe how their dogs usually run in circles or paw at the door with excitement at the news.  The dogs are excited because they know they are going to meet up with all of their well behaved buddies once they get to the doggy daycare.  All dogs undergo a test day to ensure they will feel comfortable and get along with the other roommates.  At 7 AM dogs and owners are lined up outside.  The pups are always excited to start their day.  Once a dog arrives they generally do a lap around the inside just to check out who they get to hang out with for the day.

The dogs are then taken out back to the patio area (weather permitting) where they meet any of their friends they haven’t seen yet.  The dog pals run around for a while to ensure they get some energy out before going indoors.  Once inside the pooches hang out in a variety of designated areas and rooms.  Behind the front desk is the epicenter of cute.  In this area the older dogs and the younger pups hang out away from the general population.  This gives the older dogs a chance to teach the younger ones the ropes and the younger pups help to keep their wiser counterparts on their toes.

PupplyPlayland_#1For the middle aged dogs the common area and adjoining rooms serve as the hub of all social activity, with toy miniatures playing along side with full size breeds.  After a good social meet up the dogs are given a lunch of all natural high quality dog food.  The Puppy’s Playpen Overland Park location has a strong commitment to ensuring their clients get the best in nutrition and does not carry food that have preservatives, coloring, genetically modified ingredients or unspecified meat/protein.   Once the flock of dogs is done lapping up their lunch they head on outside again to romp around in the fresh air.  During the summer time dogs can treat themselves to a dunk in the kiddy pool to cool off.  By the time the four legged friends come back inside they are exhausted.  That is why the dogs generally prefer to relax PupplyPlayland_#5and enjoy some nap time.  For some dogs their parent might request they get groomed in the Overland Park dog boarding facility’s salon.  For the lucky dogs that get their hair done they can show mom or dad via the webcams that are located all over the doggy daycare.  Nervous parents can be rest assured their baby is in great hands as they have access to live 24 hour a day web cams.

As the afternoon turns into early evening most of the dogs start to slowly trickle out the door with their owners.  Dogs are always happy to see their owners when they arrive.  The owners are always happy to see that their dogs have had a loving, active and fully engaging day with a whole pack of their closest friends.  The dogs sleep hard and likely dream of another day in doggy paradise.

If you are bored and want to slack off at work or are curious about what Puppy’s Playpen has to offer, check out the link to their live webcam feed below.


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