We all love those beautiful imported antiques, from England, France, Italy, Spain… who can resist right? But what about those down right American pieces that not only look beautiful but bring a little pride into our homes…? we seem to find it easy to overlook them, but there are some pieces we just cannot pass up on.  Here at Blogger local we are all about bringing you the best in Kansas City, and finding the city’s best kept secrets, and you wouldn’t want to miss out right? So we headed over to Second Chance, premier Kansas City Antiques Shop.

We met with our friends at Second Chance and we found these Home-making pieces that will not only keep you within your budget, but will have your friends and neighbors asking what major retailer you got them from… Ha! Lucky for you, you avoided all of those retail mark-ups.

Image 6This antique vanity was salvaged from a farmers barn, it spent over 50 years collecting dust in there, until it was refinished and it is in great condition. The smooth wood finishes yet rugged style give this piece its uniqueness and one of a kind look.  This timeless piece cannot be found anywhere else and is going for $250.00 dollars.



Image 4

This entertainment center is also a main attention grabber at the store. Its high towers are 6 foot 5 inches tall and 2 foot wide, they each have glass doors that open to hold movies or video games, and they even have their own electrical outlets built inside of them. The bottom of the towers also feature speaker enclosures.  The center area of this beautiful entertainment center has built in lighting and can hold a TV as big as 52 inches. We found this same deal at Nebraska Furniture Mart for $2400.00 dollars, and Second Chance is asking for $600.00.

Image 5

We also found this beautiful wood China Hutch, with a mirrored back and lit top to highlight its contents, glass double doors and smooth linear finishes. It is over 6 feet tall and retails for over $1100.00 dollars, but we found it here for only $400.00!

So many more fabulous treasures await you at Second Chance we couldn’t possibly list all of them. These three marvelous finds are merely the  tip of the iceberg. Pay them a visit at 230 S. Hudson Buckner, MO or call them at (816) 249-3307 and see what else they have to offer.


Stay tuned for more great finds brought to you by your favorite Kansas City Blog.