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Viral Video Marketing is a unique service for Kansas City business owners who are looking for a different approach in capturing the attention of potential clients through online video. Providing the highest quality video production and video marketing that engages clients in a way that is different from anything companies have experienced with YouTube and other video platforms, Viral Video Marketing provides businesses with an opportunity to create exceptional content in the form of video, without leaving the office. Because the service is mobile, companies will enjoy the convenience of creating a compelling video directed toward their ideal clients at their company location, making for a more comfortable and natural experience.

Viral Video in Kansas City

Most business owners think of “viral” as something that spreads like wildfire across the Internet, whether a video, article, or even comment made on social media platforms, a blog, etc. With this specialty service, “viral” takes on an entire new meaning for Kansas City business owners who want to take their level of engagement with potential customers to a whole new level. Instead of being all about the number of times an online video is viewed, it is about producing videos that compel those who watch to take whatever action the business owner wants those who view the video to take. That action may be making a purchase, signing up for the company newsletter (and thereby becoming a “warm” lead), sharing, commenting, or simply building trust between your company and the potential client.

While there is no doubt the more a video gets viewed, the more success a company will enjoy, even more important is for a video to get the views of those who really count – a highly targeted population of consumers who are a business’s ideal clients. Video marketing is an extremely useful and effective marketing strategy today, and a form of content that allows a prospective customer to enjoy a more personal, human experience than text content. In addition, video marketing with Viral Video Marketing makes it possible for Kansas City companies to enjoy videos that are optimized for search, just as articles and web pages are. Perhaps the most amazing feature of all is that businesses are able to track the engagement level, giving business owners data that helps to determine the effectiveness of their video marketing efforts.

Kansas City Video Marketing

Ultimately, video marketing educates potential customers, helps build trust in your business, increases brand awareness, increases website traffic, and most importantly, engages the viewer in a way that traditional video marketing with other platforms simply cannot accomplish. Christian Vedder, creator of Kansas City video production company Viral Video Marketing LLC, is a multimedia professional whose passion was to develop a method of marketing for Kansas City companies is not only highly effective and “infectious,” but convenient, mobilized, and personal.

All who are interested in learning more about the advantages of online video marketing for Kansas City area businesses are invited to visit the company’s Facebook page or the website at www.ViralVideoKC.com.


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