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For the last 20 years, Karin Ross and her husband have been working in interior design and construction in Kansas City. Their small business was born out of desire to work together and first began as a new construction company.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Kansas City

Because of the timing of their beginnings, Ross and her husband soon found themselves facing the challenges many working in construction faced — the decline of the new construction industry because of the recession.

During this time, they knew they would have the shift their business model if they’d like to continue working as entrepreneurs and working together. That’s when they began offering Kansas City remodeling and interior design services, specializing in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Kansas City and the surrounding areas.

On Creating a Business You Love

For Ross and her husband, building a small interior design business from the ground up was motivated by their desire to do what they loved with the people they loved. Working together was the goal, and they’ve worked tirelessly to accomplish that goal.

“I think that is another thing that makes us unique…we love to be with each other,” she says. “We love to work together. It actually help us when problem solving at work, because we trust so much each other and we know what to expect from each other that it helps us, and it helps the client.”

Owning and operating Karin Ross Designs hasn’t been free from challenges, but as they have faced their up and downs, the love of what they do has motivated them to keep creatively approaching the challenges of entrepreneurship.

“The smile that people have on their face when the project is done, and the way they say ‘thank you for creating something for me,’ resolving the problem that they have had, is what keeps me going in this business.”

On Marketing Interior Design in Kansas City

At Karin Ross Design, they rely on both online and print marketing to share their services with the Kansas City area. They use Houzz, which is a paid directory for professionals working in the remodeling and construction industries, to share images of their work and capture new leads.

Her company also advertises in local magazines and newspapers. More than anything, Ross focuses on any marketing that allows her to share images of their kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling and other work.

“For my type of business, it’s very important to be able to show what kind of project I can do, what style I can do,” Karin Ross explains. “So that when a customer calls, they already know that, ‘Oh, she got me. I saw that. I understand what design she can do, so I’m in good hands.’”

On Being Inspired by Kansas City

Karin Ross believes that Kansas City is one of the most beautiful cities she has visited in the United States and one of her favorite things about the city is the fountains.

“I love, love the fountains of Kansas City,” she says. “Every fountain seems to bring a different style, and it tells a story on it’s own, and I just … I get amazed. I can sit and watch the water coming and flowing for hours. It calms me down. It’s beautiful.”

When she has free time, which she admits she has little of as a busy entrepreneur, she loves to eat Italian food in Leawood at North Italia. She also loves to watch Chiefs football and watch movies with her family.

For Kansas City residents interested in a complete remodel of their kitchen or bath before the fall season, Karin Ross Designs is offering a fall special. They’re offering $2,500 off of a complete and $1,500 off of a full bathroom remodel, visit their website to learn more and be sure to check out Karin Ross on Twitter.


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