While carpeting was all the rage twenty years ago, today homeowners are looking for something cleaner yet elegant, free of allergens, dust, and the odors that can be found in carpet.  As trusted Kansas City stained concrete experts, concrete contractors know that today, homeowners want a floor surface that while beautiful is easy to maintain and that doesn’t contribute to indoor air pollution.  If you’re not familiar with acid stained concrete, be prepared to be amazed!

Kansas City Concrete Floors

When you think of concrete, you may think of floors that look cold and lack design or warmth.  In fact, just the opposite is true!  With the acid staining process, a rich look is easy to achieve.  These floors offer a sheen, depth, and dimension you simply won’t find in wood floors, tile, laminate floors, and the other options available today.  The look is lustrous, elegant – and expensive, although this is a solution that is extremely cost-effective when compared to other types of flooring.

Now, for a few of our acid stained concrete ideas for Kansas City homeowners:

Choose a color that complements your decor.  Keep in mind the rules of decorating; dark colors tend to shrink a room, while brighter colors expand the perimeter.  Some of the most popular colors in acid stained flooring today are earth tones such as amber, tan and brown shades, goldenrod and sage green.

How intense do you prefer the coloring of your floors?  Professional Kansas City concrete contractors use various techniques in the application of acid stain which affect the finished results.  For instance, applying a bit of water prior to application of the acid stain can affect its intensity.  Some installers also use a technique in which they spray water on the floor after it has been stained for a different effect.

Patterns and sawing.  When there are indentations or cuts in concrete, acid stain penetrates in various degrees.  Cuts can be made in the concrete using dry-cutting diamond masonry blades if you prefer a square pattern, diamond shapes, etc.  Additionally, there are plastic stencils that are available which are designed for use with concrete flooring.

With decorative concrete flooring and epoxy floor coatings, the look is one-of-a-kind and far more distinctive than you can imagine.  In fact, the high gloss shine and varying color intensity along with unique designs which are often due to flaws or porous areas in the concrete are more in demand that ever before.  No dust, dander, or other contaminants to worry about like is found with carpeting!

Get Your Garage Floor Epoxy Coated in Kansas City!

Super-easy to maintain, durable even in high traffic areas, and cost-effective; if you haven’t discovered the beauty of floors uniquely designed from concrete, contact a proven epoxy flooring contractor today!  Local experts in Kansas City epoxy garage floors and stained concrete floors, so give us a call today and let us give your home a rich, beautiful, and affordable new look.