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Party buses started out as a trend and have become a fixture in many metro areas around the country.  But just what exactly is a party bus?  Wikepedia defines party buses (also known as a party ride, limo bus, limousine bus, party van, or luxury bus) as “a large motor vehicle usually derived from a conventional bus or coach, but modified and designed to carry 10 or more people for recreational purposes generally involving some kind of celebration, such as a birthday or graduation.”

Wikipedia’s definition pretty much sums it up. These vehicles are usually tricked out with a sound system, comfortable seating, beverage centers and sometimes even dancing poles.

Here in Kansas City, KC Party Ride is a fixture on the Kansas City party bus scene and is one of the most recognized and trusted party bus service providers in Kansas City.  Metro area folks use their bus fleet for all sorts of events including:

  • Weddings
  • High School Proms & Homecomings
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette parties
  • Nights on the town (ie Power & Light District)
  • Corporate Events & Outings
  • Sporting & tailgaiting
  • Spring Center concert events
  • Birthdays
  • City tours

KC Party Ride currently has a fleet of four buses: Buzz Bus, Monster Bus, Night Rider & The Beast.  Each one of these vehicles are retro-fitted schools buses that have been customized four the ultimate part bus experience.

While interior features vary, some of the buses include dancing poles.  For example, the Buzz Bus has is equipped with four dancing poles.  Most of KC Party Ride’s has CD and Ipod hookups so that you can bring your own music to the party.  People often do not realize what a huge benefit it is to customize the party-going experience with your own music.

Some of the buses are also equipped with blocked out windows.  Hey, Kansas City is big city, but it can also be a small town – you never know who you will run into (ha ha).  So it’s nice to know that some of KC Party Ride’s buses have block out windows.  This is great for privacy and helps you to relax knowing that you can unwind for the night without strangers snooping in on your mobile party.

Their bus fleet also has party buses equipped with 1000 watt sound systems, as well as strobe lights and laser lights  AND dance floors!  These things are basically nightclubs on wheels, enabling your party to go fully mobile to and from events and clubs.

Of course, one of the best things about KC Party Ride’s service is that each bus is chauffeured.  So, when people are out partying for the night, they can unwind without having to worry about a driver or parking.

The next time you organizing an event, consider using a Kansas City party bus rental service by a local company like KC Party Ride.  Party bus rates are very affordable and can be a safe and economical service that can increase the excitement and fun factor for any outing.  They have an easy an convenient way to pay and book a party bus on their website.


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