Harvey's_#1In one of Kansas City‘s most iconic and historic buildings, sits one of the city’s most under rated lunch spots.  Occupying the floor in the middle of Union Station, this is one downtown Kansas City restaurant that more people should consider.  To begin with, visitors will find the atmosphere is as grand as it is timeless.  Harvey’s at Union Station, features a circular layout that provides every patron with a wide open view of the immense sun bathed space.  The fine dining facility also features a second level seating area as well as a bar.  This is truly an ideal place to grab a solitary bite to eat during your lunch break as well as an exceptional place to schedule a power lunch with your associates or perspective clients.

Harvey’s specializes in serving breakfast and lunch.  They also are available to host private events in their one of a kind space.  I stopped by today with their French dip in mind but I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw their Crusted Tilapia entree on the menu.  I was initially intending to go with a gut buster for lunch to quench the deep hunger that was brewing inside me.  I opted for what I thought would be a less filling meal but ended up being pleasantly surprised.  I decided that even though the cashew-chile crusted Tilapia came with spice scented rice, spinach and charred shallot, I needed to add on some sweet potato fries for good measure.  For some people sweet potato fries are a seasonal item, for me they are in demand all year long.  I figured the fries would pair well with the lite flavored fish and in my opinion they went perfect with each other.

As I waited for my selection to come out I became entranced watching people traverse the floor of the Kansas City icon, as they made their way through the cascading pillars of light the building’s multistory windows let in.  As I drifted off in thought during my people watching, it was hard not imagine what life was like in the first half of the 20th Century during the train station’s glory days.  Inside of Harvey’s the walls are lined with pictures that show patrons a cross section of life inside the historic train station during Kansas City’s early days.  Some of the pictures include famous faces that made their way through the station in years past.  History and day dreaming aside, my food found it’s way to my table quickly.

I was eager to dig in upon first sight of the Crusted Tilapia.  The entree made great use of combining a crunchy well textured breading with a light and deliciously flaky fillet.  The tomato basil relish was a great accent but stood to benefit from a lemon wedge squeeze or two.  I was ready to dig into the sweet potato fries when I realized they came with a ramekin of some sort of what appeared to be a dipping sauce.  I wasn’t sure exactly what it was and due to my intense aversion of mayonnaise I became skeptical of the sauce in question.  (side note: I’m paranoid that restaurants are constantly sneaking in mayonnaise where it shouldn’t be)  I flagged down a waiter to fill me in on what it was since I wasn’t feeling bold enough to try it.  The waiter told me it was actually a marshmallow cinnamon cream.  My paranoid delusions of mayonnaise were instantly washed away and replaced with the excitement of a kid on Easter morning as they behold their basked full of candy.  The marshmallow cream is by far one of the best things I’ve ever tasted!  It alone is seriously reason enough to get your growling stomach on down to the downtown Kansas City restaurant.  The cream is made for the sweet potato fries but I’m sure inventive people with sweet tooth’s can probably devise all sorts of other items to dunk.

With the meal coming in at just under $16 between the entree, side and an iced tea, Harvey’s is a solid choice when considering balancing your hunger and your checkbook.  When you factor in the atmosphere and centralized location, this lunch spot should be a prime destination for those people working in downtown Kansas City.  While you are at Harvey’s, don’t forget to check out the current Union Station pirates exhibition.

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