Baseball is one of our country’s favorite sports and has become over its’ lifetime, a part of the fabric that binds our collective experience as a nation.  We love baseball so much in fact that you can find a baseball diamond in almost every park from coast to coast.  The organization USA Baseball, represents the National Governing Body of baseball in the United States and ultimately represents the United States in Olympic competition.  USA Baseball currently organizes and administers 12 million amateur baseball players across the country.  There are various leagues, divisions and demographics represented in the constituency of USA Baseball.  In 2012 74 million people turned out to watch Major League Baseball in stadiums all across the country, with 3,565,718 of those people attending Philadelphia Phillies games.

PitchProMound_#2Anyone that has ever been to a baseball game knows that there are two things you become familiar with, the back of the person’s head in front of you and the pitchers of both teams.  The pitcher is the workhorse of baseball teams.  Outside of the catcher, all other positions hang in wait for some action to come their way, while the pitcher is constantly doing battle pitch after pitch.  For every pitcher, it is imperative they have a stable and exact mound to execute their work from.  Whether it’s a 4th grade game or the opening day of Royals baseball season, pitchers in Kansas City and around the country depend on mobile pitching mounds by Pitch Pro Mounds.  The mobile pitching mound manufacture has quietly become an industry standard in various leagues and organizations across the country including the USSSA and various Major League Baseball teams and events.  Pitch Pro Mounds products have been used in the last two home run derby competitions as well as by the boys in blue here in Kansas City.  Pitch Pro Mounds have been making their brand of 100% fiber glass constructed, UV protected mounds for years and never focused on marketing or advertising, they just focused on making the best designed product they could.  The quality of their work is evident since they have quietly become the 2nd best selling mobile pitching mound company in the country and have become a favorite of sports supply distributors nationwide.

If you are interested in finding out more info on Pitch Pro Mounds and their respected brand of mobile pitching mounds, give them a call at 800-345-2376 or visit them online.

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