Computer Repair in Kansas City Raises the Bar: Velocity Computer Tech Review

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Going above and beyond is standard at Velocity Computer Tech. Serving as Kansas City’s Computer Repair shop of choice, Velocity has definitely set the bar high for all other Computer repair shops in the Kansas City area.

We had a chat with Martha R. regarding her experience with Velocity Computer Tech, and what she told us surprised us as well.  She took her computer in one morning to get it looked at.  They told her it would be about two days, and as anyone would she smiled said okay and left her computer there.

“It was ready that afternoon! It was unbelievable, they truly go above and beyond.” -Martha R.

Much to her surprise she got a call that afternoon that her computer was finished and ready to be picked up. She happily picked up her computer and took it home, but she did not set it up correctly when she got there yet she did not realize it. She frustratedly called Velocity asking why her computer was not working properly, and they came out to her home after hours and set it all up for her! “They certainly did not have to come out to my home to fix something that was not their fault, but they did it, and charged me nothing!” Martha was more than pleased and will be recommending Velocity for years. The joy in her voice is something every consumer should be able to experience from a service provider once in their life. If we are not able to do that for our customers then we are doing something wrong.

There is definitely a lesson to be learned from Velocity Computer in this, a customer ALWAYS comes first, no matter the time or situation, THAT’S how you turn a customer into a lifelong loyal customers, and thats how you make money.

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