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Summertime has the potential to bring out the worst in a lawn.  For many people it is a constant battle to combat a variety of common afflictions that can leave a yard with bare spots, browning or yellowing.  In other cases people battle conditions all year long.  It might seem like you are scaling mountain when you try and maintain a healthy looking yard knowing that your grass is trying to root in soil that is compacted or heavily saturated with clay.  The previously available solutions for combating the various issues a lawn can have, generally rely on potentially toxic combinations of fertilizers to combat soil deficiencies or toxic pesticides to combat nuisance bugs such as aphids or grubs.  Today’s modern day yard and garden enthusiasts are experiencing a paradigm shift away from toxic oil based fertilizers and pesticides towards all natural solutions that can maintain the long term health of a yard while ensuring that the inhabitants, whether they be human or animal, are not harmed on a biological level.

In Houston, Texas there is a company called The Ground Up which is embracing the idea of healthy all natural yards head on.  The bio-organic lawn nutrition service company specializes in organic and even vegan based solutions for all types of yard and gardening needs.  One of their most unique products can best be described as a giant nutrient rich teabag for your lawn.  Blogger Local Kansas City spoke with Ashley Olmsted of The Ground Up to learn more about her unique business and to find out about her Kansas City connection to the State Line Bag Co.

BREW TEA:  Suspend in 2-5 gallons of pure* water for 4-8 hours in a shaded area.  Activate by vigorously shaking bag underwater after soaking 15 minutes.  Continue to shake bag and stir periodically.

Tea Bags WebsiteOne of the all natural Houston yard care specialty products is their one of a kind hand crafted vegan compost tea bags.  Basically the bags are filled with organic stuff plants crave.  You soak the bags in water and then later apply the water to your yard or garden.  It is a simply designed product with enormous impact.  Ashley explained to us about the process The Ground Up went through to come to a decision on what bag they would use for their specialty product.  They knew the product had to be all natural, durable and at a great price point.

Ashely, through various Web searches came to find out about a muslin drawstring bag wholesaler in Kansas City that had a great selection of products that fit her businesses needs.  After Ashley compared samples from multiple providers, she choose to use the State Line Bag Company’s 4″ x 6″ muslin bags based on their durability and the texture of the muslin fabric.  The texture was conducive to containing the biosolids needed to provide the plant’s nutrition, while allowing their nutrients to pass into the water they would be submerged in.  Since the bags were organic to begin with, it fell right in line with vision The Ground Up had for their all natural yard and gardening solutions.

The Ground Up has truly created a one of a kind application for the use of something so simple as a muslin bag.  Although they may not have reinvented the wheel, reinventing the bag is pretty close.

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