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It’s not often a Kansas City muslin bag company gets the opportunities to work with a business in Hawaii but when they do you can imagine that they must be doing something right.  The added cost of shipping and dealing with the logistics of providing their goods or services to such a remote location, is usually enough for most local businesses to steer clear of.  Dale Coarsey of Hippy Chic Designs in Hawaii,  found the State Line Bag Co. online while searching for a unique and Earth conscious bag to house her hand made belts in once customers had purchased a product from her.

Dale explained to Blogger Local Kansas City how she had shopped around and compared prices.  She went on to say that she didn’t find the exact size she was looking for but that the price point on the available bags was so advantageous that she couldn’t pass.  Dale actually went on to modify the bags she ordered by cutting off the bottoms and resewing them to the perfect length.

2013-09-26 12.05.24The Hippy Chic Designs, creative brain loves to re-purpose many discarded things including old fire hoses.   She shares the desire to reuse with her customer base who are generally Earth minded individuals.  Dale told Blogger Local that her clients love the woven bags because of their low impact on the Earth.  Many of her customers have found various ways to reuse the Kansas City bag company’s products beyond just being a bag for another purpose.  We think products with potential to be used in a multitude of ways, are a great sign of their inherent functionality and value.

Dale said that overall her experience with the wholesale muslin bag store was great and that she would recommend it to other businesses who want to buy a solid product that has the potential to be valuable long past it’s intended purpose.  If you are in the market for high quality, Earth conscious bags at discounted prices, contact the State Line Bag Co.  If you are in the market for sassy hand made double sided belts that spice up any outfit, contact Hippy Chic Designs.

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