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Published on November 19th, 2013 | by Ben Hartman


All Inclusive Billing At Overland Park Executive Suites

In the world of business, unforeseen costs and liabilities can be crippling financially.  One of the main areas of concern for Kansas City based small and large business owners alike, is keeping costs low and staying within their operational budget.  For businesses to succeed they must be proficient at determining their expenses and having the foresight to avoid extra costs or events that could incur additional considerations.  Part of developing and maintaining an operational budget begins with establishing the total exact or at least approximate cost of reoccurring necessities.  Businesses will undoubtedly need services provided to them like, utilities, phone, Internet and mail.  Whether you are new to the entrepreneurial game or you’re a seasoned veteran, it is always advantageous to deal with financial variables that remain static despite fluctuations in the marketplace or the frequency and ways in which a business owner uses them.

Take for example common cell phone data plans.  For many people having an unlimited data plan is an absolute necessity, not just because of the high volume of information they suck down when watching Netflix or Youtube, but because the plan saves them from any unforeseen costs due to going over the limit of their specified data plan.  Although some cellphone users might not exceed their previously allotted data plan every month, when they do it no longer presents an extra financial burden on top of their normal billing.  In the long run cellphone users might pay more for their unlimited data plan but they can at least factor their data plan’s expense into their personal operational budget without having to worry about adjusting it circumstantially.

As a consistent personal operational budget benefits an individual, a consistent operational budget can also be highly beneficial to growing a business.  When growing a business many entrepreneurs mitigate their risk and keep their operational budget low by renting their office space instead of buying it outright.

In Overland Park, for over ten years, business owners have been choosing to keep their costs low and predictable by operating their companies out of one of the city’s premier offices spaces, the Leawood Office Business Center.  The Overland Park executive suites feature all inclusive billing that makes balancing an operational budget much easier.  Tenants of the Leawood Office Business Center enjoy many benefits and amenities included in their consolidated monthly billing.  Below are some of the perks tenants of the Overland Park executive suites are currently enjoying.

Full Building Wi-Fi
Kitchen & Lounge
Reception Area w/ Big Screen Television
Business Telephone Number
Full-Time Receptionist
Personalized Call Answering & Forwarding
Telecom Equipment with Voicemail Services
Domestic Long-Distance Calling
Nightly Janitorial Services
Three Conference Rooms w/ Unlimited Use After-Hours
Prestigious Mailing Address & Private Mailbox
Access to Copier
Scanner & Fax Machine
Shredding Service
Complimentary Hot Beverages
24/7 Facility Access

The premier offices space currently has two all inclusive office spaces available.  To find out more about the windowed executive suite or the interior executive suite availability, contact the Leawood Office Business Center by calling them at (913) 402-6000 or visit their website.  www.overlandparkexecutivesuites.com

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