Same Sex Marriage Themed Cotton Gift Bags By Linda Fulghum

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il_570xN.410910462_n09wAs technology and communications evolve and proliferate in our society, so do new customs and views of culture.  Humans are finally able to explore the world and universe regardless of their physical location.  They have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world that are different or just like them.  The cross cultural exchange of ideas and information ultimately helps us define ourselves and what we consider normal.  In the United States over the last 20 years, the attitude towards homosexuality has taken a dramatic towards positivity, as many more people have embraced the idea that homosexual life isn’t much different than heterosexual life.  Much of the attitude change of the general public has come from the availability of introspection into the once secretive lives (by necessity) of homosexuals.  Through media and the Internet, people have had more access to information about homosexual lifestyle, so they can make their own decisions on how they view homosexuality, instead of accepting the dogma of their friends and family, as in generations past.  Hawaii has recently joined the company of 14 other states and the District of Columbia, in legalizing same sex marriage.  This historic decision is already drawing plenty of tourists to the island state who are looking to tie the knot.  Hawaii has actually made the process of getting married easier then ever.  Interested parties can now register online and be married on the same day.

il_570xN.411951595_16ubWith the gradual acceptance of the normalcy and legitimacy of same sex marriage, it will be likely that more states will follow in the footsteps of Hawaii.  This means that if you haven’t been to a same sex marriage, you could become likely to be invited in the future.  For those couples fortunate enough to be planning their wedding day events and logistics, Blogger Local Kansas City has found a great way to help show your pride during your big day.  Local area crafting queen Linda Fulghum, has created some custom printed cotton bags that feature same sex marriage themed graphics and text.  The custom printed cotton bags are available for male or female specific weddings.  The bags are highly versatile and can be used as gift favor bags for wedding party participants or they can be used to stow items for the festivities like bird see, bubbles or rose pedals.  They could even be used to send wedding invitations in.  Since Linda Fulghum makes all of her creative crafts by hand, she has the ability to personalize them in anyway needed.  For example if you wanted to include the date or information about the wedding Linda could add that in addition to the graphics.

To find our more about how you can support a local business that supports many lifestyles, give Linda a call at (816) 455-0657 or visit her online shop.

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