Geocaching Themed Custom Printed Cotton Bag By Linda Fulghum

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If you asked a large random cross section of your friends, family and neighbors, if they had ever day dreamed about finding treasure, you would probably be hard pressed to find some one who hasn’t.  It is inherent in human nature to sometimes stare listlessly into space and imagine finding something so valuable it could change the course of your whole life.  Maybe it stems from watching one to many fantasy movies or perhaps from watching to much Antiques Road Show.  Although the likely hood of a person fantasizing about finding treasure is high, the likely hood of them finding treasure is right up their with winning the lottery.  Despite the huge statistical odds of finding treasure, over 6 million people from around the globe, routinely find treasure.  How is this possible you ask, given the statistical improbability?  Geocaching, that’s how!  Geocaching is a global phenomenon that involves using cartography skills to find treasures hidden by other participating Geocaching adventurers.  Participants of geocaching can choose to enjoy hiding treasure to be found by others or to find treasure themselves.  Participants of the global treasure hunt, use GPS (Global Positioning System) enabled devices to help them navigate to specific latitude and longitude coordinates.  Once the hunters find their way to the location, they rely on clues to help them hone in on and locate the hidden treasure.  The term treasure is used loosely in regards to geocaching and usually refers to small items of limited financial value that are more fun than practical or valuable.  Besides finding fun items inside of a geocaching container, participants also find a journal to log their activity in.  The mantra for geocaching could be summed up with the expression, “take one, leave one”.  For every item a participant finds, they need to replace it with something of equal or lesser value.

LIndaFulghum_#8Geocaching containers can be everything from a film canister to a metal lock box.  Fans of geocaching are sure to enjoy one of Linda Fulghum’s, geocaching themed custom printed cotton bags.  The custom printed cotton bags feature the official logo of geocaching and can be used for the collecting or hiding of geocahing items.  The bags are made from durable all natural cotton muslin and feature a drawstring which can provide protection from the elements when hiding.  The bags measure 4″x6″ and come in sets of 10.  Geocaching can be a fantastic and fun birthday party theme for children.  The global treasure hunting game can also be a great opportunity to create fun events around like corporate team building or retreats.  Linda is the Crafting Queen and can certainly incorporate a business’ name and branding onto the geocaching bags as well.  Enterprising marketing executives should take note of this and combine a new marketing campaign utilizing geocaching and Linda Fulghum’s custom printed cotton bags.  It could be a great way to get people excited about your brand and provide for a little adventure in their lives.

To find out about how you can get your own custom printed geocaching themed bag, give Linda a call at (816) 455-0657 or visit her website.

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