Celebrate With Custom Printed Cotton Bags For Your Christmas Office Party

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il_570xN.394859924_7okgAs the end of the year closes and people take their belts down a notch after Thanksgiving festivities, the planning phases of office parties nation wide are undoubtedly being planned.  Office parties are generally not revered for their exciting nature or delicious foods but more as a chance to blow off work for a couple of hours.  For those fortunate proletarians who look forward to their annual office party with anticipation, one of the more exciting parts of the party can be the exchanging of gifts between employees.  Whether your office does Secret Santa, White Elephant or the more traditional Yankee Swap, the exchanging of gifts is a great way to develop bonds and create memories.  In addition to workplace gift exchanges, many offices receive gifts from their company or management.  This holiday season your Kansas City blog encourages you to consider adding some more fun, creativity and personalization to your Christmas office party with custom printed cotton bags by creative design pro Linda Fulghum.

Linda Fulghum is a crafting queen who hand produces all of her custom designs and holiday inspired crafts.  This year Linda has a wide assortment of Christmas themed custom printed cotton bags that can be used to package gifts for your Christmas office party.  Linda’s “coal” designed bags are a perfect touch for that sarcastic White Elephant gift.  For employers seeking to give a small gift to each employee in the office, Linda’s Christmas themed bags can be custom labeled to reflect the name of the intended recipient.  Linda’s bags are a cute and simple solution for your present packaging needs.  They add a fun bit of flare and can be used again, year after year, since they are made from durable all natural cotton muslin.  Whether you fill the bags with delicious treats or quirky gifts, they are sure to bring extra cheer to any office party.

To find out more about how you can order your very own custom Christmas themed bags for your Christmas office party, give Linda a call at (816) 455-0657 or visit her website.  www.lindafulghum.com

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