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A business is only as good as its employees, that is the truth. We know this as consumers because the employees are who we deal with every time we visit our local business and if they are not happy then we do not get proper treatment thus making us less likely to give that specific location or business overall a second chance. This is why it is so critical for a business to have happy and satisfied employees. Out of all the industries, we decided to get to know the computer repair industry to see how employees were being treated and how they felt about their job as professional “geeks”. We reached out to one of Kansas City’s Computer Repair Shops in the Northland to get to know how them and how they feel about the industry and company they work in.

“I am in charge of all of Tom’s scheduling and all of the guy’s [technicians] scheduling on a daily basis. Anything to do with them going anywhere or doing anything goes through me.” -Michelle Ashley, KC Computer Support Employee

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We met with Michelle Ashley, who is one of 8 employees at KC Computer Support and happens to be the only female that works for the company. She was more than willing to help us with everything we wanted to know, and shared with us that she is most content with everything that goes on in the office and the level of input she has on all of the things that happen in the office and on-site. She is in charge of all things scheduling and is the one that initially contacts clients and meets with them to learn about their issues and expectations not only from a technical stand point but from the technicians as well.

The environment they work in is very fast paced and it changes from day to day, and at times from hour to hour, so Michelle is faced with the task of having to change things around constantly and very quickly to ensure a smooth transition between clients and allowing her technicians to have peace of mind with always knowing where they need to be and what time they need to be there.

Michelle has been working for Tom Noon at KC Computer Support for over a year now, and she loves the atmosphere she throws herself into daily. She received some technical education in college but worked Community Service before beginning her career in the computer industry. Dealing with clients is something Michellle is used to and thoroughly enjoys, but she does admit that it can be a bit of a challenge at times, because although computers are all made up the same parts and pieces, the same problem/failure can vary a great deal due to circumstances and clients attitudes and the nature of their business.

“This job is very challenging, but very unique. Every client is very unique and every personality is as well not only on our client’s end but our as well, so theres a lot of adjusting to make everybody happy but I love it!”

From what I saw Michelle loves her job, they’re a tight knit family at KC Computer Support which should give customers a bit of piece of mind knowing that their issues will be handled by people that communicate properly and enjoy each other’s company so there are no misunderstandings or bad vibes that could affect their performance.

For more information on KC Computer Support, you can reach Michelle Ashely or Tom Noon at (913) 541-0001 or visit their website www.kccomputersupport.com and let them help you will all of your computer needs.

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