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logo.gifKC computer tech has recently expanded its market and territory by acquiring Briarcliff IT.  Located in beautiful Briarcliff Village, Briarcliff IT specialized in servicing the IT needs of businesses located in the Briarcliff Village and office spaces. Although under a new name and management now, they on and off-site system support that was previously provided, still is. KC computer support’s main focus is small businesses and they understand that for small companies, computer problems can mean complete stoppage of work and/or business failure. Most Kansas City computer repair shops expect you to come to them as a reactive measure, but KC Computer Support offers on-site support, with technicians and a proactive system that allows them to monitor your systems in order to catch a problem before it actually becomes a serious problem.

Some of the main services KC Computer Support provides for its customers are:

Business Computer Support: with onsite computer and server support, which can also mean putting business networks on autopilot with GFIMax, saving the customer time and money each month.

Offsite Cloud Backup: This is a great way to have all of your data backed up, for one flat rate, helps protect in case of any viruses or unexpected crashes.

Hard Drive Data Recovery: It is always best to prevent, either with an external drive or by using the cloud, but in case you have not done so yet, and your computer crashed, KC computer tech is able to help you retrieve your lost data.

Remote Computer Support: No need to drive anywhere, No waiting! The repair service is instant and in three simple steps they can fix your problem after demoting into your desktop, laptop or server and you can see everything that is being done and end the session at your convenience.

Home Computer Support: with extensive background checks, you can trust the technicians that come out to your home and work on your systems. They are always prompt and explain the issues in a way that you will understand.

Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Mail: As a 365 Cloud partner, they can help you move your email to the cloud, so you’re always connected and have synchronized email, contacts, and calendar on your phone, laptop, and tablet.

With the purchase of Briarcliff IT, KC Computer Support is now serving Briarcliff retail shops & restaurants as well as the surrounding office buildings. With state of the art technology support and critical knowledge they are able to promptly and properly address all issues and questions in this fast changing industry, that never ceases to amaze us. With new products that help increase our productivity and grow business’ bottom lines being released more than once a year, it takes a company that is able to specialize & focus their efforts in one specific area to be successful. KC computer support is able to do so, because of their small staff of eight, five of whom are certified as Microsoft Small Business Specialists they are able to help with all of the small business questions and problems an entrepreneur/small business owner might encounter.

For more information or if you have any questions regarding their products or services, do not hesitate to contact them at (913) 541-0001 or visit their website

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