As co-owner of a professional Kansas City home inspector company, Kenny Manley of The BrickKicker Inspection Services knows the importance of SEO and achieving as much visibility online as possible for increased leads,  business, and brand awareness.  The Internet is a busier place than ever today, not only in terms of people who access the web in search of products and services, but competition as well.  In all honesty, most business owners know little about the Internet other than they need a website; unfortunately, this just doesn’t cut it in a highly competitive Internet environment.

What strategies does the Kansas City home inspection company use to engage existing and potential new clients, and to increase awareness for those in need of the company’s services?  Lots, according to Kenny Manley, who relies on Kansas City web designer Phil Singleton for a lot of the “know-how.”  BrickKicker’s new website is designed using WordPress, an SEO-friendly content management system that allows business owners to edit and make changes on-the-fly.  Manley said the company chose owner Phil Singleton for Singleton’s own Google rankings (first or near the first every time) in a crazy world of SEO competition out of many other KC SEO and web design professionals.  Manley has no doubt in Singleton and his team that BrickKicker of Kansas City will get where they need to be in the rankings.

The BrickKicker Inspection Services provides inspection services for real estate investors, buyers, and sellers.  Inspectors are certified and highly trained to inspect properties for signs of structural or water damage, plumbing or electrical issues, pest infestation, and the provide termite inspections and radon inspections as well.  Because of the nature of the business, being found online and connecting with existing and potential customers is critical.  In addition to web design using WordPress, the company relies on a wide array of tactics to connect and engage with clients, all recommended by Singleton.  These include a company blog, guest blogging on relevant sites, building quality inbound links, social media, Google+Local reviews, and more.

At Singleton’s direction, The BrickKicker’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Google Places, Flickr, and other social media platforms are being used to connect, engage, and attract new business.  Social media has become a critical component of SEO today, as search engines – particularly Google – “listen” to social signals.  Search engines take into account the shares, likes, re-tweets, basically how much posts and information on these sites is getting shared by others.  This helps determine the value, popularity, and validity of the company, often resulting in higher search engine rankings.

Blogging helps engage visitors and keeps the website’s content fresh, something highly important today.  The design of BrickKicker’s website is highly important as well, as is the content, optimization, and navigation.  Inbound links to the website’s pages from other trusted, relevant sites is also vital, as this increases the importance of the website in Google’s eyes.  Inbound links occur naturally, and may come from other blogs via guest posting, social media, local reviews, and more.

While all of this may sound complicated, Manley gives Phil Singleton of Kansas City Website Design high praise for helping staff feel comfortable and educating them about SEO and how to look professional while gaining increased visibility.