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226587_10151288909062411_1537440712_nNancy’s husband Larry, a property developer, developed the land East of the farm, and Nancy, a real estate agent at the time, sold the houses. As she sat in the model homes and she saw the beauty of the open fields the farm enclosed, and took pleasure in the joy it brought her through memories of her childhood. Larry was informed the land was up for sale and instead of developing it he purchased it for Nancy and himself. Nancy was 32 when Northridge Farm was born. They built a barn themselves, and began to Give riding lessons, Training horses, and Boarding them. She started alone, and soon thereafter grew her staff as word of a wonderful horse boarding farm in Kansas City spread.

Northridge farm is a facility that specializes in the classic for of riding Dressage we just discussed, and has the capacity to hold up to 30 horses, but they prefer to keep numbers below capacity, since a full house keeps them way to busy, and they want to ensure quality and personalized heed for each and every horse they care for. They are located on 31 acres of land, which allow them plenty of room for the horses to roam around freely and feel at ease and unstressed with their living situation.

With a beautiful home that has been there since the civil war, Nancy and her husband live just 30 yards from the horses, therefore being able to tend to them 24 hours a day. They have seen the city develop around them and bring joy to neighboring kids families and kids.

11262_193695077410_898009_nWith both an indoor and outdoor arena, Northridge Farm does not stop. Lessons slow down around the holidays due to vacations and Nancy’s unmistakable hostility towards temperatures below 15 degrees. Nancy and her team at Northridge pride themselves in the way they deliver personalized care to each and every horse they have at their facility, and believe this and the ease of access the farm provides sets them apart from all of the other horse boarding establishments found around Kansas City. Although different from others, there is something all establishments in the industry have in common, and that is that they are all dog lovers. There is something about horses and dogs… they just go together. Whatever horse farm or horse boarding establishment you visit you will encounter dogs, lots and lots of dogs, so if you have one, bring it along! They are always welcome at Northridge, along with your horse and smiles.

Riding a horse is a therapeutic experience, and begin around them is most delightful. Learning how to treat an animal of such magnitude is a beautiful thing, and owning one can be a magnificent life changing experience. With Dressage making a most prominent mark in the midwest, Northridge is quickly influencing the art of horse back riding in Kansas City and in surrounding areas.

For more photos, and information regarding Northridge Farm and Horse Boarding in Kansas City, you can contact Nancy at (816) 587-8239 or visit her website

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