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I did a quick interview with Kevin Downey, Owner over and Leawood Office Business Center, an Executive Suites facility at 135th & Roe in Leawood (Overland Park).

Audrey:            This is Audrey with Blogger Local Kansas City and I’m here today with the owner of Leawood Office Business Center, Kevin Downey. I’m going to ask him a little bit about his facility and he’s going to tell us about an office he has available. So, Kevin, tell us about Leawood Office Business Center. You opened it about ten years ago?

Kevin:            Yeah, we did. We opened it ten years ago, late 2003. We saw a need in the marketplace for an all-inclusive office space that was already built out and available and we just thought that it was a great location, an ideal place being close to all kinds of residential area for people who would’ve been home office users to have professional office space that they can utilize and not be bothered by the daily activities that occur in the house and the struggles with the home office.

Audrey:            So Kevin tell me, when you say it’s all inclusive, tell me what that means. What is an all-inclusive office space?

Kevin:            Well that’s a good question, Audrey. I would say that all inclusive for us is basically everything. There is almost nothing you can pay for here that costs extra for our clients. There is a handful of things, but there’s really not much. So what’s included goes from internet to phone service, we have fiber internet by the way, to phone service, to phone consul, to domestic long distance, to phone answering, reception services, conference rooms, kitchen, lobby area, bathrooms, parking, janitorial services, shredding services, everything in our space is included.

Right now I do have a space available for those who are maybe looking for a little more of a budget office. I have an interior space available in the six hundreds that includes everything, just like any office does in our facility and this space is ideal for one to two people looking for a little more of a budget-conscious office in a prime, class-A location. Again, it’s right in the middle of our building and it’s a great spot, great spot.

Audrey:            Very good. Thanks Kevin, that’s good information. So in your facility, when clients come in here, and all of that is included, you know, you said there’s a couple of things they could pay for, what would those things be that they would have to pay for that’s not included in the office space?

Kevin:            Good question. So the office space is … the things that aren’t included would be items such as international long distance … let me think, what else is not included … snacks and soda, postage, UPS services if you have to ship on our UPS account and then of course, copying on our machine. So those are the things that would not be included in an office space that a client has to pay additional for, but of course none of those are required and don’t have to be utilized whatsoever.

Audrey:            Wow, that’s amazing. So they get an office space with all of those other things included and they can get an office in here for as low as what?

Kevin:            I would say our least expensive spaces are in the 400s but we only have a handful of those and those are one-person work station offices, but we do have offices that range from the 400s all the way up into the thousands of dollars that can accommodate up to ten people.

Audrey:            Wow, that’s amazing and it’s a gorgeous facility. Thanks for having us out here for today. So that’s a wrap here. I’m here with Kevin Downey, owner at Leawood Office Business Center. It’s been great talking to him and I hope that this helps. If any of you out there in Kansas City are looking for office space, this executive suite set up is wonderful. I’ve toured the facility. It’s great. You want to check it out. It’s a great facility and it’s right here at 135th and Rowe in Leawood right in the heart here between Overland Park and Kansas City right down the street from Sprint’s Campus so it’s really easy to get to right off of Highway 69.

So anyway, this is Audrey over at Blogger Local Kansas City reporting and we’re checking in today at Leawood Office Business Center, an Executive Suite Facility right here in the Overland Park area and it was great talking to Kevin the owner. So thanks again. I’m checking out for a little while and we’ll talk to you later on today. Thanks.

Thanks for checking in… Audrey