Day: October 19, 2013

Commercial-Disposal-Alternative-SliderIf you’re a hunter out in the Bakersfield area, you know exactly where to go after collecting your kill,  Wood Dale Market. At Wood Dale they’ll process your wild game, whether it be goats, beef, lambs or hogs. Well have you ever wondered where all of the extra little pieces go from that kill of yours? you know the extra little pieces of fat you don’t want to eat that get removed? The random chunks of hair that fell off? Well normally they would go in the garbage disposal so they don’t stink up the garbage, but not at Dale’s. At Wood Dale’s they strain all of the food particles and trash and then dispose of it, none of it goes down the drain and into the sewage system.  At Wood Dales they decided against a restaurant garbage disposal and opted for a more cost effective and eco friendly scrap collector system, The Drain Strainer.

We caught up with Israel Velasquez at Wood Dale’s Market to get to know his decision process and experience with The Drain Strainer.  Israel ordered his Drain Strainer over two months ago and is very satisfied with the results he has gotten.  The service he received was fantastic and the delivery was even better. He says he received his drain strainer days before he was told he would. “It was here even sooner than I thought.”

“It is doing exactly what we thought it would do. Therefore, so far so good!” -Israel Velasquez

The installation of his device was quick and easy he says it took him around one or two hours to have The Drain Strainer up and running. He did have to make some modifications since he has a concrete floor, but he made it work and is highly satisfied.

For premium cuts and the best service around head to Wood Dale Market, one of the few real butchers around. This is truly Bakerfield’s best kept secret. And you cannot pass it up. Beef, its whats for dinner, so pick yours up from Dale’s tonight.

For more information on The Drain Strainer or how to order, visit their website

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