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Are you searching for house painters in Overland Park?

Every day, scores of Overland Park KS homeowners search for “painters near me”.

You take pride in your home, after-all, it takes a lot of work to become a homeowner.

You put into the effort to save enough money to get where you are now.

You pinched those pennies and looked after your credit like it was a newborn babe.

Then you made sure that you paid your house payments on time and kept up on all of the bills for your home.

In putting so much work into becoming a homeowner, you deserve the best when it comes time to have work done on it, especially having it painted.

Hiring Painting Contractors in Overland Park, KS

Every homeowner gets nervous when calling a painter that they don’t know from adam and letting them perform work on their property.

Depending on house large your home is, having your house painted can been expensive which means that you’ll want it done right.

Folks living in the Overland Park area have a lot of options available to them when it comes to house painters.

With so many folks advertising as house painters in the same city how is one to determine which one would be the best for the job?

We live in an age where you can find detailed reviews on just about any business, but who wants to go through all of the trouble looking at each one individually?

Luckily, the best house painter in Overland Park will stand out  – and distinguished itself will trust, reviews, experience, social proof and a strong website presence.

With this list, you can see a summary of each painter’s services, along with an overview of their reputation and quality fo service.

We understand your concern as a homeowner, especially in these troubled times.

These days it pays to be a little more selective with the folks that we allow on our properties, especially to have work done.

Without further adieu, here are the best Overland Park house painters for you!


Top 10 Best Painting Companies in Overland Park


Brogan’s Home Painting

best kansas city companyBrogan’s Home Painting performs both interior and exterior painting work and also handles wood rot repair. If you’re looking to have both the interior and exterior of your home professionally painted, then get in touch with Brogan’s Home Painting. The convenience of offering both interior and exterior services cannot be overstated as it saves you the trouble of hiring out two separate companies.

In addition to their wide range of services, Brogan’s Home Painting has a stellar reputation, it’s a professional painting service that homeowners can trust!

Brogan’s Home Painting
13901A Switzer Rd
Overland Park, KS 66221
Phone: (913) 449-8468


Rainscape Roofing

best kansas city pricingRainscape Roofing’s painting team is one of the best-kept Kansas City painting secrets you will ever find.  They have a highly trained crew of meticulos painters that are fast, efficient and clean.  They are known for completing home painting jobs with rich, even coats and razor-sharp paint lines.  But the best part about Rainscape’s painting services is how competitively priced they are!

And since this company is a full-service exterior remodeling, and rated #1 among all of the best roofers in Kansas City, this local painting contractor can help you with wood rot repair, staining, and virtually any other exterior problem you may be facing.

Rainscape Roofing
1317 Union Ave #A
Kansas City, MO 64101
Phone: (913) 359-9449


Father and Son’s Home Painting Service

Father and Son’s Home Painting Service is a unique professional painting service based in Overland Park. they’ve been in business since 1984, so they know the trade and their impressive library of positive testimonials speaks for itself. Father and Son’s Home Painting Service accepts most credit cards, so you don’t have to lose any time saving money to have your house painted professionally. As a family company, home painter’s Dan and Dave have been working with their dad for 34 years, with many more to go!

Father and Son’s Home Painting Service
2396 West 151st
Overland Park, KS 66224
Phone: (913) 642-4108


Prestige Exterior Painting

Prestige Exterior Painting works on residential homes and commercial buildings. They have only the finest, most well-trained professionals in their employ and continue to set new standards. Prestige Exterior Painting has been in the business since 1997 and has over 3,000 projects under their belt. Behind each of those projects, is a satisfied customer that can attest to their exceptional talent and professionalism. Whether you need a home or commercial building painted, make sure it’s done right by calling Prestige Exterior Painting.

Prestige Exterior Painting
11184 Antioch Rd, Overland Park, KS 66210
Phone: 913-544-7332


Paint Pro Inc.

Paint Pro Inc. is your one-stop-shop for all of your painting and siding needs, they even do doors and windows! The variety of services offers an opportunity to save a lot of money. If you need siding, doors, windows, and painting done, you’ll save money by having all of the work done by one company, Paint Pro Inc. They also work on commercial buildings and take great pride in the fact that they have a complete team of painters, carpenters, and installers in their employ.

Paint Pro, Inc.
16111 Foster St.
Overland Park, KS 66085
Phone: (913) 685-4089


Aaron’s Painting and Remodeling

If you’re looking to save money on painting and remodeling work, then you’re in luck, Aaron’s Painting and Remodeling has some of the most competitive prices around for the quality. Not only is their pricing highly competitive, but they also have a sterling reputation for staying on budget and on point. Since 2006, they have been building a strong reputation for quality, efficiency, and skill. Give Aaron’s Painting and Remodeling a ring, and watch your dream project turn into a reality.

Aaron’s Painting and Remodeling
6910 Horton St
Overland Park, KS 66204
Phone: (913) 730-3990


Stack Painting

Not many painters are confident enough in their work to offer customers a 5-year warranty, but Stack Painting is! Fully licensed and insured, with 25 years of work under their belt, Stack Painting has established a long and strong tradition of exceeding customer expectations. They feature an extensive list of projects that they’ve completed so that you can review their work. They also work on stucco, siding, windowsills, and brick mold, offering a wide range of contracting services in addition to professional exterior and interior painting.

Stack Painting
622 S Kansas Ave
Olathe KS 66061
Phone: (913) 961-0109


Wallpaper Pro Painting

It takes a special kind of professional to install wallpaper, precision is the key and no one is more precise than Wallpaper Pro Painting of Overland Park. They also offer home painting services and have built an unmatched reputation for attention to detail. With 60 years worth of combined experience, Wallpaper Pro Painting has become a trusted leader in the home painting industry in Overland Park, Overland Park, and the surrounding areas. When they paint the interior of a home, they lay down plastic over everything to ensure that furniture and other items are protected.

Wallpaper Pro Painting
7111 W. 151st. Street #233
Overland Park, Kansas 66223
Phone: (913) 209-2633


Catalyst Painting

Catalyst Painting is owned by an enterprising woman with a reputation for superior quality and excellent work. It has progressed from its humble origins as a small painting contractor to a leading business in the Overland Park area. They do interior and exterior painting and have perfected the craft since the company was founded. Catalyst Painting is one of the few painting contractors that refuse to cut corners. Every job is done on time, and done right at a competitive price.

Catalyst Painting
7500 West 151st Street Unit 23051
Overland Park, KS 66283
Phone: (913) 549-9885


Great Plains Painting

Great Plains Painting is another full-service Overland Park painting company with a great reputation. Their quality of service is unbeatable, and their prices are even better. They can do interior or exterior painting and also perform wood rot repairs. When you call Great Plains Painting for your free estimate on painting, be sure to ask about James Hardie Siding, you’ll be glad you did! Companies with such a strong work ethic and exceptional reputation are a rarity, not only in Overland Park, but across the country.

Great Plains Painting
2024 Swift St, #212.
North Kansas City, MO 64116
Phone: (816) 945-9792



Last on our list of top 10 house painters is Freshcoat, which is a proud user of Sherwin-Williams paint and products. In using top-notch paints, Freshcoat has established itself as an expert in both interior and exterior home painting. Each project manager is highly trained and is known for getting each and every project on time and on budget. Their workers are carefully screened and bonded, and the company is insured. Freshcoat’s prices are fair and upfront, get your quote on a painting project for a home or commercial building today!

4755 Lake Forest Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45242
Phone: (855) 912-6928


Find the Right Overland Park House Painter for You

This list of the top 10 house painters in the Overland Park area is all you need to make the best decision and narrow down your choices.

Each one of the painting services outlined in this list is capable of delivering superior quality of service. Once the work is done, you will join the ranks of the countless satisfied customers of these fine companies.

Choosing a company to paint your home is a serious decision whether it’s an interior or exterior job.

It will affect the look and aesthetic quality of your home. Folks that choose the wrong painter without any information end up unsatisfied and extremely unhappy with the look of their home.

Being remunerated becomes difficult, and having the job done again by someone of a higher caliber only adds to the expense. It’s much better to have the right info to pick the right painter so that the job will get done right and be something that you’ll be happy with.

By using this guide to choose a painter, you’ll be happy with the results regardless of who you choose.

That’s because of the fact that every painting contractor listed here is truly exceptional in every respect.

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