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Are you searching for mudjacking contractors in Kansas City or reviews of Kansas City polyjacking companies?

Every day, dozens of Kansas City homeowners search locally for “mudjacking near me”.

What is Mudjacking?

Mudjacking (also known as slab jacking, concrete lifting, and slab leveling) is a relatively inexpensive method used to fix settlement issues related to concrete flatwork, such as driveways and sidewalks.

The process of mudjacking involves lifting concrete slabs that have settled by first drilling holes through the surface. Then a mixture of water, soil, sand, and cement called mud or slurry is pumped beneath the settling slab, and the mud slurry is pumped under the concrete until the section of concrete is “lifted” back to it’s original position.

The mudjacking mixture cures to create a solid, stable sub-surface foundation that stabilizes the concrete slab back to its original location.

What is Polyjacking?

A process similar to mudjacking is called poly jacking, and it’s exactly the same, except the material used to lift your concrete is made out of a polyurethane foam instead of slurry.

Polyjacking can be used in everything from raising front porches, stairs, or any other concrete based surface.

What Are the Benefits of Mudjacking and Polyjacking in Kansas City?

When completed by an experience Kansas City mudjacking expert, a new slab can last as long as a decade without any maintenance.

Some conditions might only require one small mudjacking adjustment to last the entire life span of the concrete.

It’s important to understand what qualities make up a good mudjacking company in case you might need one.

Overall, the best qualities to look for are companies with experience and timing.

Timing is especially important in creating the best conditions.

That said, stay away from companies that don’t have the proper combination of these two main qualities.

Now that we understand the importance of mudjacking companies and let’s discuss how to spot a good one in Kansas City.


The Top 10 Best Mudjacking Contractors & Polyjacking Companies In Kansas City



With over two generations worth of experience, the Polyjacking company has more than enough experience under their belt. Throughout the years, their services have landed them positive reviews with the Home Guilders Association and the BBB. As far as their Polyjacking services, they use a unique polyurethane concrete leveling to concentrate their slabs. In other words, the bring a unique and effective twist to concrete leveling that other companies don’t have. They also have additional services such as foundation piers & GPR integration.

5525 Raytown Road
Raytown, MO 64133
Phone: (816)-358-3300


Level All

The Level-All mudjacking company is known for recognizing and meeting personal needs. By understanding that each slab of concrete has different underlying problems, they are quickly able to make a diagnosis and deliver a repair plan. This leads to a quality product, speedy service, and overall excellent customer satisfaction. They also bring more than a decade’s worth of experience in this field through unique solutions and advanced polyjacking technology. No to mention, all of these services are offered at reasonable prices.

Level All
8A Worthington Access
Maryland Heights, MO 63043
Phone: (816) 631-0800


Joco Foam Pro

Above other mudjacking services, this company is known for specializing in the areas of void fills, trip hazards, and sinking or settle slabs. The focus on these areas makes them the primary source for most mudjacking concrete fixes that are needed. Their services also vary widely in pricing. Depending on the extent of the damage, some of their services can be offered at a price as low as $400. Additionally, they make sure to stay up to date on any mudjacking technology to ensure the best quality services.

Joco Foam Pro, LLC
36260 W 154th St
Gardner, KS 66030
Phone: (913) 605-8888


Polymagic Concrete Slab Leveling

PolyMagic has proven to be one of the most well-rounded mudjacking companies in all of Kansas City. They offer a variety of services including the main concrete lifting, leveling, and repair services. What makes PolyMagic unique is their added experience in the construction industry. This experience allows them to offer creative and strong concrete repair methods for any project size. As far as experience, they have provided repairs for over fifty years in the industry.

Polymagic Concrete Slab Leveling
13902 Norby RD
Grandview, MO 64030
Phone: (816) 765-4800


American Mudjacking

The American Mudjacking company has made a name for themselves for their clean and cost-effective services. In other words, they make sure to prioritize customer service and satisfaction in all that they do. Their eco-friendly alternative to repairing concrete is done by using a special dirt and mortar mix that holds well together. This method reduces the chances that re-occurring issues come up with the new concrete repairs.

American Mudjacking, LLC
204 Industrial Lane
Wheeling, Illinois 60090
Phone: (913) 270-2395


Kansas City Mudjacking

Kansas City Mudjacking is one of KC’s best concrete leveling & mudjacking company. Ths Kansas City mudjacking contractor provide residential & commercial leveling services, including concrete raising, void filling, warehouse floor leveling, house leveling, garage floor lifting, driveway leveling, and more. If you have concrete that is sinking or not level, call Kansas City mudjacking for a fast, free, no-obligation quote. We service Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS. Thank you for considering us for your mudjacking needs.

Kansas City Mudjacking
4607 NE 47th Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64117


Boss Mudjacking

The Boss Mudjacking company focuses primarily on small home-based projects. While they do take on larger projects, this focus on smaller projects makes them a popular choice for the locals of Kansas City. Some of their services include sidewalk repairs, driveway repairs, and any other home-based concrete repairs. Their services promise to deliver a high-quality repair finish with a fair price and bonus five-year warranty. This combination of features has done a good job at raising client confidence levels.

Boss Mudjacking Company
22123 W 83rd Street
Shawnee, KS 66227
Phone: (816) 301-6261


A-Plus Mudjacking

Another home-based company can be seen with A-Plus Mudjacking. They specialize in the repairs of driveways and sidewalks at affordable prices. Even better, they offer free estimates with a bonus value. That bonus value makes it so that a client never has to pay if A-Plus can’t lift the concrete. This is their way of not forcing bad quality jobs. They want every repair project to meet their client’s needs.

A Plus Mudjacking
7700 Booth Dr
Kansas City, MO 64114
Phone: (816)-616-9459


Keating MudJacking & Concrete

The family-operated Keating MudJacking & Concrete company brings in some of the most respected experience in their field. Having served their community with repair services since 1988, they understand how to diagnose any problems with concrete at the most fundamental level. People also choose MudJacking & Concrete because of their unique mudjacking pump that can work from afar. This adds to cleanliness and quick repair times that also contribute to savings for the customer.

Keating Mudjacking Company
5432 Payne Ct.
Shawnee, KS 66226
Phone: (913) 488-5617


Advanced Mudjacking

Established in 1992, the Advanced Mudjacking company has worked on more than its fair share of different projects. They have worked on everything from small home-based projects to larger commercial projects. They do so by providing a wide range of services that can fit any repair needs. Perhaps their best feature is their industry-best ten-year repair warranty.

Advanced Mudjacking
15800 Lawrence Ave
Belton, MO 64012
Phone: (816)-444-0026


Affordable Mudjacking

As we can guess, the Affordable Mudjacking company is best known for its hard to beat prices on services. With two decades worth of experience, they understand how to make an in-depth analysis of problems and make repairs promptly. Their attention to detail also raises customer satisfaction rates with finished products. More than anything, they want to make long-life relationships with customers so that can always be trusted within the local community.

Affordable Mudjacking Concrete Lifting
4401 Gardner Ave
Kansas City, MO 64120
Phone: (913)-268-0188


Now You Are Ready to Hire a Mudjacking Contractors in Kansas City

When it comes to mudjacking services, most people like to point out the fact that this process is one of many different ways to repair concrete.

However, they fail to look into the benefits of mudjacking services that show why this process is the best.

To name a few of the benefits of mudjacking to repair concrete, some include a faster repair time, a non-messy process, and it is also cost-effective.

More importantly, these benefits will continue to be an important factor in the use of this method as long as we continue to use concrete as one of the foundational pieces of most platforms.

As far as what the best mudjacking company is, that shouldn’t matter as long as they have the two main qualities of experience and timing.

Another than that, choosing the best company will come down to personal factors such as proximity, preference, and the extent of concrete damage.

Moreover, it might also be beneficial to hire a mudjacking company even if your damage seems small and insignificant.

Not spotting concrete damage early is one of the main problems that people make.

Needless to say, the faster you can bring in a mudjacking company to fix any concrete damage, the better the repair results may be.

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