Top 5 Best Kansas City Deck Ceilings & Underdecking System Companies

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Searching for Kansas City underdecking systems or under deck ceilings in Kansas City?

Every day, dozens of Kansas City homeowners search for “deck ceilings near me”.

For those of you with an upper deck or perhaps even an old carport you no longer use, why not transform that space into something beautiful. Even if you have a new upper deck, why waste the space below?

By adding a ceiling to your underdeck, you can utilize that space for so much more. It becomes a covered patio for you and your family to use and enjoy. You can add lights, a ceiling fan, or anything else you want.

Even if you only use it for extra storage, an under deck ceiling in Kansas City will make it look more finished and complete. It’s perfect for the BBQ and enjoying the outdoors while being protected from the direct sun or the rain.

It can also aid in a better drainage system to keep your upper deck drier and help prevent flooding or water damage to the home. If you need an underdeck ceiling in Kansas City, here are our top 5.


Top 5 Best Kansas City Deck Ceilings & Underdeck System Companies


An underdeck ceiling not only serves a purpose for better drainage but it also finishes off the space below the deck to make it look far more polished.



best kansas city companyRain-Out underdeck ceiling and guttering systems have been installed in Kansas City since 2015. They own their equipment, each project is precisely measured with the panels and gutters fabricated right here in Kansas City at our shop.

Precision craftsmanship coupled with their industry-leading, award-winning products provides you and your family the ultimate space under your deck and has helped their company become the #1 rated Kansas City under deck system for three years in a row. With their wider seamless panels and thicker gauge steel, they have become the top deck ceiling system for most of the top deck builders in Kansas City.

1510 S 42nd St
Kansas City, KS 66106
Phone: (913) 354-6996


Heartland Decks

As the #1 rated builder of Kansas City decks, Heartland Decks treast every deck and outdoor living project as if they were building it for their own friends and family. From the first phone call, through planning, construction, and final walk-through, they want this to be your best home improvement project ever.

While you can purchase these pre-designed underdeck systems at any home goods store, with their custom design options, it is possible to get the ideal size and solutions, regardless of the type of deck you have in place.

Even if we did not build your deck, we could help with installing a quality underdeck system.

Heartland Decks
1317 Union Ave #B
Kansas City, MO 64101
Phone: (913) 521-5939


Below Deck

Below Deck Ceiling Solutions is Kansas City’s only full-time underdeck ceiling installer. Serving the greater Kansas City area and surrounding communities, Below Deck Ceiling Solutions will custom build an underdeck ceiling system to fit the lifestyles of our customers.

Ceiling fans, lights, speakers, heaters, swinging chairs, and more. Below Deck Ceiling Solutions will install a fully functional, rainproof underdeck ceiling system.

All deck ceiling material used on the job is custom made here in Kansas City at the Below Deck Ceiling Solution warehouse.  Don’t get left out in the rain. Get an underdeck ceiling system installed today.  Reclaim your space and call us.

Below Deck
10940 Parallel Pkwy Ste K-191
Kansas City, KS 66109
Phone: (816) 728-9088


Dry Deck Ceilings

At Dry Deck Ceilings, they have taken the concept of the underdeck ceiling and brought it way, way up from barn-tin-slapped-up-under-the-deck to a beautiful, drip-free, indoor-looking ceiling that totally transforms the look of your under-deck patio area.

They have added innovation after innovation to their ceiling installations, many ideas coming straight from our customers. They will gladly arrange for you to look at as many of their 500 completed jobs as you like.

Since September 2015, Kansas City-based Dry Deck Ceilings have been creating beautiful, rainproof underdeck ceilings. They even make their own ceiling panels, trim, and guttering.

Dry Deck Ceilings
1826 Tennyson St
Kansas City, KS 66104
Phone: (816) 589-3038


Undercover Systems

Undercover Systems was started in 1995 with the intention of transforming previously unusable space under decks into covered dry areas that can be used to expand a home’s outdoor living space.

With a lot of research and development, they developed a gutter design that was attractive, structurally sound, and completely functional for the intended use.

To have a covered, dry area that previously was unusable has been well received by homeowners nationwide. In all of their years in business, the most enjoyable part of the process is to see the look on the faces of homeowners and their families the first time they see their new underdeck area.

Undercover Systems
3133 Waycross Drive
Arnold, MO 63010
Phone: (770) 505-7000


Now You Know the Best Kansas City Underdeck Ceiling Companies

This list should be a great starting point for you when looking for an underdeck ceiling. Come up with some questions for these companies, get an estimate and then start enjoying your new, extra space.

Don’t be afraid to ask how much they charge, about their experience, and other things you are probably worried about, like how long it will take. Make sure you call more than one so you know you are getting the best deal.

A great underdeck ceiling can turn your unsightly space into a fantastic new one. Set up your outdoor kitchen, turn it into a place for the kids to play, or make it your new coffee space.

If you like this post, you make also want to check out our list of top exterior remodeling companies in Kansas City.


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