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Steal of the Day

So  I was at Whole Foods on Metcalf yesterday, just doing some shopping for the week.   I was going through the motions of my normal route through the natural and organic based grocery store, when I was stopped dead in my tracks by a sale.  I don’t normally Moonwalk backwards at the glimpse of a sale but this one was to good not to investigate.  I didn’t have coffee on the list but I figured there is a price point that will make me consider otherwise.  I normally expect to pay anywhere from $8 to $12 for a typical 11 oz bag of high end coffee.  Whole Foods currently has a 28.5 oz cans of the 365 brand coffee on sale for $9.99!  Do the math per oz and you’ll see what a deal it is.  Beyond the math, the deal is even sweeter once you taste the coffee itself.  The roast I chose was the Bon Vivant Vienna Roast, which is a medium to dark roast.  The roast smells great and sits well on an empty stomach in the morning.  Do yourself and your wallet a favor by picking up this steal of a deal.  Even if you don’t need coffee, just put it in the freezer and see what it feels like to be frugal.  (For those who have never tried frugal)


(09/09/13 Weather Kansas City – 94 degrees and sunny)

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