We recently met up with Jarret Wright out at Sky Zone Kansas City to talk about Ultimate 3D Dodgeball.  We also learned that Sky Zone runs a community outreach and fundraising program geared towards helping local area youth develop everyday business skills such as networking and community outreach.  We caught up with Sky Zone manager Jarret Wright to find more out about the youth program.

Ben: Hello, there, this is Ben with Kansas City Blogger Local.  We’re at Sky Zone in Shawnee Mission Kansas.  We are catching up with Jarret Wright and he’s going to tell us a bit about Sky Reach, which is essentially a mentoring and intern based program that area teens can participate with Sky Zone. They can learn how to go out and be a grass roots brand ambassador.  So just tell us a bit about the Sky Reach program, if you could, Jarret..   

 Jarret: Well like you said, we work with high school aged kids so they have the chance to come and be brand ambassadors for Sky Zone.  They go out, go to the local high schools (Shawnee Mission Schools), tell them about Sky Zone, go around to local businesses, let them know about Sky Zone and how we help with corporate team building activities.  We have corporations that come in and have meetings here.  They jump for a little bit, different things like that.  I feel like it’s really important for the kids to go out and do these things.  They develop business skills like talking to different managers, talking to different business, just being able to go out and build relationships with local businesses and just knowing really knowing what is going on in their community. We are trying to help them build a stronger and more involved community is what our goal really is with Sky Reach, is to really reach our community and have everybody on the same page within the community.

Ben: So you’re teaching kids the communication skills they need to help them learn how to network and how to maybe make some sales, how to go out and just put themselves out there, because that’s a big part of any entrepreneurial idea.  People have to go out there and put one foot in front of the other to really meet people.  How does getting the community into Sky Zone help them?  Are there fundraising events or things like that?

Jarret: Every Monday is designated for our local fundraising event.  We have a local high school come in on a Monday.  They come in and they’ll be able to use the entire facility.  The kids or whoever comes in for that fundraiser will be able to jump on all of our courts, our main courts, two dodge ball courts, Sky Zone and Foam Zone.  They use the Party Rooms for whatever they would like, so in our Party Rooms some have set up arts and crafts, some have done face painting, some do games in the Party Rooms, whatever they would like.  Also on our big screen they will hook up Xbox Kinect and they’ll play Michael Jackson Just Dance.  We’ll set up dodge ball games for them, we’ll set up slam dunk contests for them.  We’ll do different contests in the Foam Zone, just different things.  We staff the entire building to help accommodate and raising money for the high school’s needs.

 Ben: Awesome.  It’s a great opportunity for kids to go out and gain some confidence and meet some members of the community and maybe hopefully introduce themselves.  They’re at that age where they should be entering the job market soon, so they put their face out there and that’s a good thing.  Hopefully they can bring some people in here and utilize those Mondays to raise some funds for their schools, church or whatever, community organization they are helping.  That’s a pretty awesome service you guys are providing.  Also people can come here and check out concerts from different Kansas City bands?

 Jarret: Correct.  This summer we’ve been having a concert series.  Our first group was Beautiful Bodies, the second group was Making Movies and the third groups is coming in on September 28th is She’s a Keeper.  This is during our typical Sky Jam Time on Saturday nights from 10 to 12.  It’s $5 just to come in, if you just want to come in and watch the concert.  It’s $18 if you wanted to actually jump and watch the concert, but along with that comes pizza and drinks at the end of the night.

 Ben That’s a full-on evening, right there.  That would be pretty good for Mom and Dad, if they don’t feel like jumping they can catch a show and eat some pizza.  That’s been pretty successful for you guys?  People are pretty into that idea?

 Jarret: Yes, sir.

 Ben: It’s a one stop shop on a weekend night.  That’s pretty interesting.  I don’t think anyone else is doing this variety of different engaging events for people.  That’s really refreshing.  Alright, Jarret, that’s some good insight on things that you guys offer the community here.  We’ll have to get back with you soon.

 Jarret: Sure thing.

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