No Need to Sign a Long-Term Telecom Agreement with Office Space at Leawood Office Business Center

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I was out at Leawood Office Business Center, and talked to Matt Welch, their Operations Manager. One of the things he pointed out about their facility that I found interesting is that businesses find it very appealing that they not only don’t have to sign a long-term lease, but that they also don’t have to sign any sort of telecom agreement.

So, when you take space at Leawood Office Business Center, you can walk away from the space without breaking a traditional lease, and all amenities that come with the space. So, you’re not stuck in a contract with a telecom at all – which is really nice, considering that most telecoms require 24 or 36 month agreements.

If you’re needing office space in the south Overland Park area, you should check out their website at, or you can call (913) 402-6000.

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