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Ben: Hello.  This is Ben Hartman out at the Overland Park Holiday Inn, just off of 69 highway.  We’re here with Jesse Jordan, the director of sales and marketing.  We were actually here just the other day for the ribbon cutting event. The Holiday Inn Overland Park location spent a sizeable amount of money on numerous renovations.  A variety of local and metro area Chambers of Commerce were involved in the process as well.  I wanted to dig into the subject a bit more and find out  about the executive suite floor upgrades that went on during the renovation.  If you could tell us just a little about how long it took and how involved the process was, and then you can kind of just tell us about what makes that executive floor a little different than the rest

Jesse: Okay.  Thanks Ben.  We’re super excited about the renovations.  We’ve been doing these renovations since about March, that is really when we got started swinging hammers and getting some of the real renovation going.  Basically, we have completed about half of our inventory.  We have upgraded to what we’re calling executive level rooms, and this includes some of our standard rooms and some of our suites, but these executive level rooms have had extensive work done in them. 

Some of the things that have been done in these rooms is we have completely ripped out and put down new carpeting, new wallpaper and wall treatments, new lighting, new window treatments, new furniture, new bedding.  Pretty much, the insides of the rooms are brand new, and we’re super excited about them.  Also, a couple other amenities that all of these rooms will have that some of our standard rooms don’t have is we’ve got the refrigerators and microwaves in these rooms, which people are always asking for, especially our corporate clientele likes to just have that convenience there waiting for them.

Ben: So they’re geared a little bit more towards the business traveler or the extended stay traveler?

Jesse: They definitely are, but that being said, our leisure travelers will enjoy them as well if they are interested in upgrading their stay.  If they’re coming to stay for a little bit longer, they will also enjoy those.

Picture 8Ben: If you’re a frequent traveler and you’re out on business a lot, is there any sort of loyalty or rewards program that might get you upgraded or get you into that executive suite a little quicker?

Jesse: For sure.  IHG Rewards is the program that we have set up.  It’s one of the largest rewards programs in the world.  If you are a member and especially if you’re a gold or platinum level member, we do automatic upgrades.  We add extra amenities to the rooms, but we do consider executive level rooms as an upgrade, and if you’re a reward member, we’re going to upgrade you to an executive level.

Ben: All right.  We will definitely be checking back in with you here at Blogger Local Kansas City.  Make sure and stop by if you’re in the area to check out some of the new renovations that have taken place here at the Holiday Inn Overland Park location.  Consider it for any sort of function you have like weddings or corporate workshops, anything like that.  They’ve got a great ballroom.  They’ve got an amazing restaurant, the Green Mill, large newly renovated event spaces and plenty of amenities for the business class or casual traveler. 

Once again, that was Jesse Jordan, the director of sales and marketing, just filling us in on some of the new things taking place at the Holiday Inn and Suites located at 8787 Reeder St. Overland Park, KS 66214.

Jesse: Thanks Ben.  I appreciate it. 

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