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We have a brand new, introductory advertising package.

Print, Internet & Podcasting in One Killer Package!

1. Two-page Feature Article in Print Magazine

We will interview you an create an awesome 2-page (approximately 600 words) article about your company and your entrepreneurial journey.  Our initial print magazine will have a minimum distribution of 10,000 copies that will be sent to select neighborhoods and throughout retail waiting rooms in the metro area.

2. Half-page magazine advertisement

In addition to your featured article, you will receive a half page advertisement in the issue that features your above article.

3. Podcast Interview

We will interview you on our nationally syndicated podcast, Blogger Local’s new Small Business Super Heroes Podcast. This interview will be distributed through iTunes, Stitcher and other major podcast syndication networks.  Your podcast episode with also be feature on the Kansas City Blogger local site on a standalone episode page, with links bakc to your website and social media pages.

4. Magazine article re-posted on Blogger Local’s Kansas City website

We we also re-post your

5. Social media sharing

All of the above content will be distributed and amplified on Blogger Local social media channels

6. Top 10 list inclusion

Quite frankly, most people sign up for this package just for this one powerful feature.  We will include your company in a top ten list in your category.



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