Rating Criteria

Our volunteer team of bloggers compile these lists based on a number of factors.  They tend to include local family owned businesses.  The system is subjective and ultimately up the reviewer. In general our local blogger reviewers look at:

  • Social Proof
  • Trust and authority
  • Google visibility
  • Customer reviews on multiple 3rd party review sites
  • Website (ie content quality, blogging, & SEO)
  • Community involvement
  • First-hand company knowledge if any
  • Recommendations from the community


If your company made a top ten list, you may receive an award certificate and “Best in Class” window decal for your location.  Our website ranks well and sends a ton of traffic to local Kansas City businesses.  In addition, award badges, when displayed prominently on a website can increase conversions rates by 30% to 40%.

Can my company be featured on a list?

No company can pay to be on a list, but companies can pay to be featured on a list.  We do offer paid featured listings that may be shown at the top of a list, but these listings are clearly marked with a “featured company” badge.  Otherwise, the listings are organic and based on our subjective rating system.

Other paid opportunities include adding a video (via a YouTube embed from one of you exiting video) and adding a special coupon offer on a list.

Can my company advertise on Blogger Local?

Starting Fall of 2017, yes.  Our lists get high search engine rankings on this Kansas City edition of Blogger Local,  getting tens of thousands of impressions each month. There are opportunities for advertising that start at $200/month, and may be higher depending on the competitiveness of the list and market.  Companies are eligible for a 50% discount if they add their award badge to the home page of their website.

Award badges can increase your website conversion rates by 30-40%.

There are also opportunities for paid banner ads on individual listing pages as well as placements for banner ads that run site-wide.

If your company is interested in a a featured listing or other advertising opportunities, please contact us via email.


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